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Presentation at White Plains Library Documents Germany’s Official Remembrance Policy of the Holocaust
10 months ago
The genocide of Jews in Germany is certainly not unique in world history. The Rape of Nanking, Rwanda, and Manifest Destiny tally a short list that the perpetrating nations would officially like to fo...
Islamic Center of Peekskill Blends in on North Division Street
10 months ago
When our political discussions turn to foreign policy, the Middle East almost instinctively moves to the forefront of contention. "That's the reality of our times," said Papa Sall, Imam of the Islamic...
Americans Equating Any Level of Socialism as Stalinism Is First Class Brainwashing
10 months ago
A few years ago I was reading The Proud Tower by Barbara Tuchman. Detailing the anarchist movements that swept the world at the turn of the century, violence played out against the backdrop of enormou...
What Progress Has NYSEG Made Since Irene and Sandy?
a year ago
I wrote this in 2012. I thought it would be interesting to look back and see if we’ve made any progress in terms of NYSEG, the town's response to storms and power outages Last year, Hurricane Irene le...
Boys Engaging with Phony Guns and Violent Pretend Play Doesn’t Mean They Will Act It Out in Real Life
a year ago
I’ve never seen a Ninja movie and have no idea what a Pokemon is. But I’ve witnessed many a boy portray these characters on the playground or in the gym. They can seamlessly fall into character and di...
Judge Harold L. Wood of Somers Has Made a Life of Making a Difference
a year ago
I often go into an interview with a preconception of where the story will go. I’m usually wrong. In the case of 93-year-old Judge Harold Wood, who was the first African American Supervisor in Westches...