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A Look Back at the Horace Greeley Activism of Charlotte Bilski
4 months ago
A recounting of Charlotte Bilski and all her good work in Westchester... It's not hard to see. Too often, the world just isn't right. People still struggling in an earthquake's aftermath, Westchester ...
Are You Sure That Your Ancestors Came Here Legally and That Today's Immigrants Just Want a Handout
6 months ago
Immigration, a subject that gets everyone’s ire up. I am among them. For me, it’s the generalizations that infuriate me, and unfortunately, my fellow Italians do their fare share. So let’s begin. On F...
French Jewish Spy Recounts Her Story Behind Enemy Lines
7 months ago
Unfortunately, there are no shortage of Holocaust stories. On the other hand, the inspiration we draw from stories of survival doesn’t run out either. But Rabbi Arik Wolf drew a distinction beyond the...
Students Square Off in Debate at Byram Hills High School
7 months ago
Last Friday night Byram Hills High School hosted a debate with students from Yale and Princeton and five area high schools. Armed with their intellect, oratory abilities and deductive reasoning skills...
Presentation at White Plains Library Documents Germany’s Official Remembrance Policy of the Holocaust
9 months ago
The genocide of Jews in Germany is certainly not unique in world history. The Rape of Nanking, Rwanda, and Manifest Destiny tally a short list that the perpetrating nations would officially like to fo...
Islamic Center of Peekskill Blends in on North Division Street
9 months ago
When our political discussions turn to foreign policy, the Middle East almost instinctively moves to the forefront of contention. "That's the reality of our times," said Papa Sall, Imam of the Islamic...