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The Origins of the Term Socialized Medicine and How Mad Men Sank Our Chance for National Healthcare in 1948
21 days ago
Back in 2008, the smoke cleared, we wiped our noses, and finally got healthcare reform. Gesundheit!! Well, sort of… With a universal acceptance of a system in dire need of repair, I envisioned congres...
New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Holds Rally in Front of Republican Headquarters
3 months ago
17 people needlessly shot dead at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. It certainly feels the same. So does the immediate, angry response that implores change. But determined high sch...
My Italian Immigration Story Hails from a Shithole Too
4 months ago
Over a century ago when my family started to immigrate from Southern Italy, I don’t doubt that established Americans thought the area was a shithole too. I’m sure they extended the sentiment to the pe...
Israeli Survivor of Munich Olympics Shares Story
6 months ago
Recently at Chabad of Bedford Hills, Dan Alon recounted his ordeal as an Israeli athlete at the 1972 Olympic Games, and the pain he kept silent for the next 35 years. But the tragedy that took the liv...
Donald Trump's Reaction to Charlottesville Is No Surprise
9 months ago
Charlottesville and Trump — it’s my turn to finally weigh in. Of course, no Charlottesville was necessary to figure out where the President resides on issues of race, equality, and decency. The Presid...
Donald Trump: Despicable and Deplorable
10 months ago
I’m gonna blow. We have this thing called social media that let’s you sound off whenever something rubs you the wrong way. Hello, Donald Trump. But the election taught me how impulsive posts only elev...