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CC King18 hours ago
Meghan Markle Fans Have Committed Crimes in Her Name
The self-dubbed "Megulators" or "Sussex Squad" have now officially crossed the line. Two days before news broke that fans of Meghan Markle threatened to kill a woman, hacked into her bank account, and...
Who Led the Blue Wave?
Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. – Nancy Pearcey
Ruth Green2 days ago
'Everything You Love Will Burn'
By the time this book was completed, its author, Vegas Tenfold, had spent six years living among extreme white nationalist groups in America. Having covered conflicts in different parts of the world for many years Tenold “felt that the path to defeating extremism was through understanding it.” Tenold never tried to hide his identity or his reasons for doing what he did. As he traveled to the many cities in America, where extremist rallies have taken place Tenold was able to experience first hand...
Bailey Welki2 days ago
God Bless America, Right?
The world I live in is scary. The country I live in is dehumanizing. This society, as a whole, is fucked up. We’ve become so uncivilized, detached from basic core values, overly sensitive in meaningle...
Such A Geek3 days ago
The Peterson 'Paradox'
If you, like me, follow gender politics, we both may need a moment and some cannabis. If anything exemplifies, for me, the current situation in gender, it's the idea of a Thanksgiving dinner in a larg...
SKYLERIZED 3 days ago
Striving for More
There are levels to this thing called life. Structures and strictures determine what people think, how they act, and what they wish to do with what reality presents them. In America, the freest, most ...
A.O. Monk3 days ago
Ariana Grande and Blackfishing
Ariana Grande recently came under fire for using a "blaccent" in a promotional video for her newest single, "thank u, next." Grande, who is Italian-American, spoke with an over-the-top ghetto accent i...
Shandi Pace3 days ago
1968: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
Robert Francis Kennedy was a family man and an open-minded politician who strived for change within the United States. Shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after winning the Californian preside...
Johnny Vedmore3 days ago
How to Stop Politicians Lying! Guillotines and Localism?
If I were to describe to you all the feelings that I experience when I watch the UK Conservative party lie to parliament, I would say it is like a burning volcanic eruption inside my rib cage, moving ...