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Thank you, Mr. President Trump

lilly pearl
in Humor

"Thank you, Mr. President Trump" are words that I never thought would come out of my mouth. As a matter of fact even just writing them down makes me sick to my stomach. But...I have to give credit whe...

Caitlyn Jenner To Run For Office? Kris Jenner "Full of S**t?"

Christina St-Jean
in Entertainment

It's been a busy few days for Caitlyn Jenner. After seeing her image on the promotional posters for the remake of It throughout Los Angeles, courtesy of the artist Sabo, Jenner made an appearance on T...

Pie Falls from Sky

Michael Blair
in Culture

The truth is simple. Everything which was once flavour of the month, will eventually leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Popularity is a fickle creature which gives with one hand, while taking away wit...

The Hills are Overrun with Sheep

Méave Gallagher
in Culture

On Monday the 13th of March 2017, the SNP, who is the main party at Holyrood and the majority of MP's at Westminster, decided to call Indyref2, although they tried to make it look like it's something new by calling it ScotRef. This is to the detriment of Scottish independence. For the last year, I have been campaigning against named person on twitter and, as I'm an alternative voice that supports Scottish independence, was already shunned and abused by the insular bubble that will have no wrong ...

Trump Has "Kind Of Disappointed" Caitlyn Jenner

Christina St-Jean
in Entertainment

Caitlyn Jenner appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on April 24 in the former The O'Reilly Factor time slot, and host Tucker Carlson delivered a bombastic hour that would have done former Fox host Bill ...

Killing O’Reilly on TV

Michael Eric Ross
in Entertainment

Ladies and gentlemen, this long national nightmare is over. Bill O’Reilly, for 21 years the host of The O’Reilly Factor, the voice and face of the Fox News Channel, and on-air avatar of the Pantone-re...

Rape Victims Benefited from an Ordeal

Mayapee Chowdhury
in Culture

The impact of BREXIT's benefit cuts.

"You're A Monster, Mr. Trump"

Xavier Gonzalez Jr.
in Culture

You’re a monster, Mr. Trump That is very plain to see Your skin is thin So full of sin You hate the press is free You’re a monster, Mr. Trump And your guilt is hard to hide Projection here Deflection ...

The American Agenda

Dr. Williams
in Culture

In the mist of this President's trial-by-error administration, the Democratic Party continues to grasp at straws for an agenda that would rally a nation that most feel is moving in a very wrong direct...

The Ultimate Conspiracy

Dr. Williams
in Culture

Through-out the ages there have been catastrophic plagues, pandemics, and diseases that have decimated whole populations. Going back to the Middle Ages the scourge of mankind was the Black Death, the ...

America's Future Isn't Germany's Past

Andrew Legon
in Culture

Here’s an obscure quiz question for you. Don’t cheat. When Harrods decided to set up its first overseas shop, back in the early twentieth century, which city did it choose? You probably said Paris or ...