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Arizona Legislation Clamps Down on Protesters

Parker Simpson
in Culture

Information in an article in the Arizona Capitol Times has revealed that the Arizona State Senate has voted to move forward with a bill that will give police new powers, including being able to arrest...

President Trump Rescinds Federal Protections For Transgender Students

Christina St-Jean
in Culture

In spite of claims during his campaign that he would protect the LGBTQ population, President Trump has just done what many consider to be the very opposite: he has lifted the federal protections that ...

Iranian Immigrant

Shahram Farshadfar
in Culture

Obviously, the obviously obvious stories are as boring as heaven. They do not excite the spirit but comfort the ego. With no purpose for any future engagement, the obviously obvious stories have no ma...

What is AFROFuturism?

Stafford Battle
in Culture

If you bump into someone who claims to be an expert on "AFROFuturism" immediately warp jump into a safer reality. There are as many explanations of AFROFuturism as there are superheroes and villains i...

Insanity Gone Mad?

Michael Blair
in Culture

The question "Who are the good guys?" used to be easy to answer. But not anymore. There are still "good guys" around but finding them amidst the madness which is modern politics, is getting close to i...

'Last Night In Sweden'

Parker Simpson
in Buyer's Guide

On Saturday, President Trump held a fiery rally in an airport hanger Melbourne, Florida in front of thousands of his supporters. The rally was reminiscent of the boisterous crowds who gathered at Trum...

Trump vs. The Mainstream Media: The Two Sided Issue

Patrick Hauf
in Culture

From the election to Trump's inauguration, there has been a growing conflict between Donald Trump and the mainstream media. Trump supporters complain that media outlets such as CNN and the New York Ti...

The Content Of Our Character

Parker Simpson
in Culture

It’s been a wild few weeks for Gwinnett County (Ga.) Commissioner Tommy Hunter. Hunter, who was elected into office in 2012, is in hot water for a series of Facebook rants on various issues. The most ...

Trump’s Dark Triad, and Ours

Michael Eric Ross
in Science

A month ago we could only suspect what Donald Trump would do to lead a nation to the suspicion — voiced more and more often since his installation as president of the United States on January 20th — t...

The Story Of Truth & Lie

Parker Simpson
in Culture

I often find myself fascinated with the intricacies of how we perceive the truth; how we are willing to accept the truth or reject it in order to give ourselves peace of mind when confronted with inco...

10 Pieces of Fake News and Their Sources from Before 1978

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

This current election has brought the idea of fake news from the dusty racks along supermarkets to the mainstream. For many growing up in the 80s and 90s, when one heard "fake news," they thought of t...