Puerto Rico: Statehood or Independence?

Michael Blair
in Culture

Recently, I had the pleasure of talking to Julio Ricardo Varela, a Puerto Rican political journalist and advocate of a shared agreement approach to the future of the place of his birth and upbringing....

Dear Black People

Dre Joseph
in Culture

Before slavery, the inferiority of Africans did not exist and definitely not in the way it is perpetrated now. People from different parts of the world were not reduced down to the basic epithets of ‘black’ and ‘white’ but were referred to by their nation name. Slavery changed all that, making it necessary to label African people in a particular way to fuel the trade and stem any early counter arguments against it. The problem is, people across the world have taken these lies as gospel and that ...

So What Will Happen Next For Us In the UK?

Phil Rowan
in Culture

There is apprehension with nervous indications all around a bar that is close to our House of Commons in Westminster. We have just had a 'Day of Rage' following on from the Grenfell Tower disaster in ...

Dear Donald, Thank You for Keeping Media Companies Busy

Corey Gittleman
in Culture

Dear Donald, Although I might not particularly agree with your political views or the actions in which you have taken in office, I owe you a thank you. The things that you do and say are all over vari...

The Republican Party Has a Mitch McConnell Problem

Joshua Guess
in Culture

Mitch McConnell had a choice: he could let the house healthcare bill die in the senate, or he could craft his own. There was no chance the disastrous house bill could pass the upper chamber. GOP senat...

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A Handbook to Ending Injustice.

Phillip Woodford
in Culture

A specter is haunting the world. The specter of capitalism! Today five of the richest people in the world own more than half of the world's wealth. Five people own more than three billion people. This...

#GA6 Was a Reminder - Not a Referendum

Jennifer Gulbrandsen
in Culture

The special election held for the open congressional seat in the 6th district of north suburban Atlanta was supposed to be a movement. People I know as far away as California sent money to the Jon Oss...

What Was Johnny Depp Thinking?

Christina St-Jean
in Entertainment

Actor Johnny Depp has drawn sharp criticism for recent remarks that suggested he - or someone else - might attempt to assassinate United States President Donald Trump. "Threatening to assassinate a si...

Fade to Black

Dre Joseph
in Culture

When most people see a spider in their house, more often than not, their first reaction is, "Oh shit? Where's my slipper!" or something along those lines. Oddly enough, though, "house" spiders do not aim to harm us (humans), they're simply just trying to get from point A to point B in their ordinary, daily lives as insects. They're just trying to do what spiders do--eat bugs, give birth to smaller baby spiders and, of course, avoid becoming a tiny gush stain on the mean end of a size 10.5 slippe...

The End of the US Constitution

Brian Paredes
in Culture

Reading that title what first comes to mind? Do you think I am anti-American? Do you immediately assume I am a rebelling millennial? Do you assume I don't know any better? Or perhaps you are intrigued...

Moving Tribute From the Whole Country

Lizzy Arrow
in Culture

The hardest thing of all is when you are a victim of any kind of trauma that we hear about every day; most importantly the recent events that we have heard about, seen, helped, and applauded. This is ...


Mickey Finn
in Culture

I know, I know. You’re probably picturing some country whack-job in flannel in front of a pile of MRE’s and ammunition. Well, that is a bullshit image that the media paints of Libertarianism the same ...

Freedom? More Like Controlled Movements

Alexandra Clausen
in Culture

The world in which we live spins around space, and orbits the sun; gravity holds us down. Common sense right? I know. But something many don’t seem know or think about, expect the few that long for fr...

The Wonder Woman of Tel Aviv

Zane DeYoung
in Culture

There’s a billboard on the Tel Aviv highway that proclaims “We Love You” under a picture of Wonder Woman. More accurately, under a picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. In Israel, she’s kind of a big ...

A Face Saving Rewrite of Named Person

Méave Gallagher
in Culture

Parts 4 and parts 5 of the children and young person Act (Scotland)2014, that are currently revoked from law and commonly known as named person and child plans, are making their way back to the Scotti...

Speak No Evil; The Flaws of Society in Literature

Varinder Singh
in Culture

Literature has shaped our society in more ways than one. Not only is it a reflection of our history and future, it is a commentary, albeit a dramatic one, of how flawed the human world can be, a wake-...