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Donald Trump's Reaction to Charlottesville Is No Surprise
2 years ago
Charlottesville and Trump — it’s my turn to finally weigh in. Of course, no Charlottesville was necessary to figure out where the President resides on issues of race, equality, and decency. The Presid...
Donald Trump: Despicable and Deplorable
2 years ago
I’m gonna blow. We have this thing called social media that let’s you sound off whenever something rubs you the wrong way. Hello, Donald Trump. But the election taught me how impulsive posts only elev...
New Rochelle’s Nick Trotta Comes Home to Honor After Distinguished Career as Secret Service Agent
2 years ago
The mystique of being a Secret Service Agent can almost be encapsulated in the dark glare of the signature sunglasses. On the other hand, the optics definitely serve a function beyond just looking coo...
Voter ID Laws Are Disenfranchisement Politics As Usual
2 years ago
Three to five million illegal votes and Jeff Sessions our new attorney general, the voter fraud issue is going on full alert in the Trump Administration. But the concern amounts to nothing more than t...
Eugene Jarecki and the American Way of War
2 years ago
With Americans dreaming that change begins and ends on Pennsylvania Avenue, Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki provides the real home address of its implementation and gives definition to what the word should m...
In 1976, ‘Network’ Warned America about the Dangers of Fear Anger and Politics
2 years ago
Back when George Bush was enjoying a 22% approval rating and the world's disdain, I hijacked the living room TV to subject my mother to Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. Having to endure Fox News daily, I was...