Peter Rose

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Climate Change and a New Conspiracy Theory
8 months ago
What facts are indisputable, if not widely known, about climate change? Climate change has been happening since planet Earth was first formed. Geologists, historians and archaeologists, can show that ...
Image and Truth
8 months ago
Image and truth. Do political distortions win elections? There is a very old fable; about truth going about the world naked and unadorned; and was shunned by all. Yet parable went about in fine clothe...
Further Thoughts on Why the Rise in Right-Wing Politics Continues
9 months ago
Further thoughts on why the rise in right-wing political groups continues. The rise of right wing politics in the 21st century additional thoughts. There have been complaints about right-wing politica...
Mind the Gap
9 months ago
Mind the gap! The space between intention and achievement There is a gap between all of our intentions and our achievements. We all live with this gap every day of our lives. How many fall asleep havi...
Equality and Hate Crimes
9 months ago
Equality and hate crimes. Are we in danger of getting too legalistic and too bogged down in fine detail abut discrimination and Equality? The law has introduced the notion that “hate” is both definabl...
The Politics of Climate Change
9 months ago
The big topic, especially in the media and the “Guardianista chattering classes,” is climate change and how all those wicked people are destroying the planet. It should be noticed that it is always ot...