Peter Rose

Collections of "my" vocal essays with additions, are available as printed books ASIN 197680615 and 1980878536   also some fictional works and some e books available at Amazon;-


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Rational Thinking Is Now Rare
13 hours ago
Rational thought is becoming rare. It is strange how selective people can be. The same people who will believe in the wildest exaggerations about President Trump, in America or Mr, Boris Johnson, in B...
Democracy, Its Survival Is at Risk
5 days ago
Democracy—it's survival is at risk. July 2019 The British tax payers are funding, through the Economic and Social Research Council and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, ways to support and imp...
Numbers Control Our Lives
9 days ago
Numbers control our lives, but how valid are they? Are the numbers which rule us arrived at by science ,and are they updated with technical advances? Numbers are involved in every aspect of life: the ...
British Government Is Failing to Govern
12 days ago
British government is failing to govern. July 2019 GET OUT OF EU AND GET ON WITH GOVERNING BRITAIN. The sooner we get a government working on domestic issues, the better, so much sheer stupidity needs...
15 days ago
Ageism. Is this a real problem or a media creation? Is there really conflict between youth and age? The media is fond to claiming that young people blame the older generation for the sorry state of th...
Why the EU Has to Go
17 days ago
Why the European Union should be broken up. The existing EU organisation is a failure, if viewed only from the perspective of the majority of indigenous people. It is a success to those who are, or ha...