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Author of books on Magnet Therapy

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Manners and Politics
13 days ago
Manner is defined as; the style or customary way of doing or accomplishing something. Manners are defined as: a socially acceptable way of behaving. One of the basic examples of bad manners is latenes...
Do Voters Study Policy?
15 days ago
Do voters actually study policy before deciding who to vote for? How much do we know? How much real information are we given about anything? Every day the media bombards us with news items. Every few ...
Television: Is It a Force for Good, Politically?
19 days ago
Television: Is It a "Force" for Good Politically? I know that not every person in the world has a television, but a very large proportion of the population sees televisions programs several times a we...
How Should We Judge Who We Vote For?
21 days ago
How should we make judgements? Do we have the correct values to make decisions? Are we using the wrong streams of information when we make judgements about politicians? Do we vote for a candidate for ...
Taking Offense
a month ago
Taking Offense. There is a great deal of media and social media attention given to complaints by somebody taking offense at some remark or action by others. To any rational person who is not directly ...
Decision Making by Governments
a month ago
Are decisions made by the right people? There are many solutions to any problem but there is only one best solution. There may be a few acceptable solutions and there will be several unacceptable ones...