Peter Rose

Author of books on Magnet Therapy ( “The Practical Guide to Magnet Therapy” pub Godsfield Press and “Magnet Healing” pub Connections.).

Some fictional works available at Amazon;-


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Socialism in the 21st Century
3 hours ago
Socialism: some thoughts on its relevance in the 21st century. Socialism is defined as an economic theory or system in which the means of production, distribution and exchange are owned by the communi...
Allowing Totalitarian Regimes to Take Over
6 days ago
The causes of totalitarian regimes taking power: In Germany, between 1930 to 1940, there was starvation, there was extreme poverty, there was total despair, and no one did anything to help the sufferi...
The Right to Say No
8 days ago
The right to say no. This is a big issue with regard to gender respect for personal boundaries, but it is also a big issue with regard to international boundaries. Every nation has the right to refuse...
The Right Age to Vote
15 days ago
The British Labour party is calling for voting age to be reduced to 16. I have never known a person aged 16 years, including myself, that I would trust to make sound judgments about the future of the ...
Trial with No Evidence
17 days ago
Guilty because accused. Accusation alone causes punishment. Trial without evidence. It appears the media is causing people to suffer punishment based only on accusations and this has to be morally wro...
Are the Days of Honest Debate Over?
a month ago
Are the days of honest debate over? Are we on a decent to continuous confrontation? It is widely acknowledged that if you are in a debate, before presenting ideas that oppose those presented by anothe...