Peter Rose

Collections of "my" vocal essays with additions, are available as printed books ASIN 197680615 and 1980878536   also some fictional works and some e books available at Amazon;-


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Were Empires Good or Bad?
a month ago
Were empires good or bad? Judging history with today's opinions achieves nothing. We are subjected to a lot of claims that Britain was wrong to have had an empire. Most of the criticism of Britain's e...
Is Real Life What We Want?
a month ago
Is real life what we want? Could we cope with reality? It often appears that we—that is modern people living in developed nations—live our lives through images of other people. Some seem to want to li...
The Age of Deceit
2 months ago
The old rule of let the buyer beware should now be applied to all and every political utterance, and not only political, since just about every part of our lives is now subject to deceit. Everywhere w...
Climate Change and Protest
2 months ago
Climate change and orchestrated “protest”—how many people protesting actually know what is happening? The “rent a mob brigade” of disconnected people, many calling themselves anarchists, have joined w...
Has Science Lost Its Way?
3 months ago
Has science lost its way? Do politics now control research? Science used to be the prerogative of the very wealthy and educated people. They had money and time, and while never being under the control...
Apparent Growth in Ill-Health—Is This a Political Issue?
3 months ago
The social media is an outlet for numerous conspiracy theories. Some are about our state of health and what can be causing ill health. In the domestic politics of many nations, health care is a major ...