Peter Rose

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The Rise of Right Wing Political Parties in the 21st Century
6 days ago
I often see on TV and media “experts” expressing surprise at the increasing support for right wing political parties all over Europe. Why surprised? If the experts are knowledgeable and actually think...
What Is the Best Way a Democracy Can Provide the Nation's Needs?
13 days ago
What is the best way a democracy can provide the nation's needs? How do we get the best out of democracy? The basic requirements that any government should provide for its indigenous people are: secur...
Opinion Polls—Are They Sound Advisers for Policy?
a month ago
Opinion polls—are they sound policy advisers? Why is so much money and attention given to them? Definition of an opinion poll: obtaining the opinion of a selected sample of people regarding a specific...
Lies and Statistics
a month ago
Lies, damn lies and statistics. I see many posts on Facebook claiming “evidence” for things that are simply not true. I am sure that someone has devised a statistic to enable the claim to be made but ...
Why Are Political Leaders so Out of Touch?
a month ago
Why are the political leaders so out of touch? Why do polls get it wrong? The question has been asked in Britain and USA and is being asked in Germany and France; why are the political elite and polit...
Adaptability Is Key to Democratic Survival
3 months ago
Adaptability and intellectual flexibility are keys to survival. The only real advantage humans have over other species from planet Earth is the adaptability that they have. The ability to accept and c...