Peter Rose

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What Is Natural? The Environment Is Now Political
4 days ago
What is not natural? The environment is now political. Evolution does not stop. The ecology of planet Earth is rightly a topic of vigorous discussion; great claims are made that the world will end if ...
Variations in Ways Politicians Think
4 days ago
Variation in thought processes of politicians. There seems to be an almost infinite number of variations in human appearance, but how about the differences in ways of thinking? Do socialists, as diffe...
Bureaucratic Thinking Must Go!
11 days ago
Bureaucratic thinking must go! Which style of thinking governs us all? In most decision-making processes, there are two ways of thinking about the problem: “Bureaucratic” and “Entrepreneurial.” Due to...
Conviction, in Life and Politics
13 days ago
Conviction in life and politics Definition—Conviction; the state of being convinced, a firmly held belief, opinion, etc. Convince defined as: to make someone agree or realise the truth of something. C...
Reforming British Police Organization
21 days ago
A few things most will agree with; Britain is a relatively small geographic area. Britain has a relativity large population. The population of Britain is largely concentrated in specific high density ...
Have the Far Left Taken Over Green Movement?
24 days ago
Have extreme socialists taken over the “green” agenda? It is a historical norm for genuine public concerns and popular causes, to be taken over by political activists and usually by extremes of politi...