Peter Rose

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Lies and Statistics
6 months ago
Lies, damn lies and statistics. I see many posts on Facebook claiming “evidence” for things that are simply not true. I am sure that someone has devised a statistic to enable the claim to be made but ...
Why Are Political Leaders so Out of Touch?
6 months ago
Why are the political leaders so out of touch? Why do polls get it wrong? The question has been asked in Britain and USA and is being asked in Germany and France; why are the political elite and polit...
Adaptability Is Key to Democratic Survival
8 months ago
Adaptability and intellectual flexibility are keys to survival. The only real advantage humans have over other species from planet Earth is the adaptability that they have. The ability to accept and c...
The Problem With Statistics
8 months ago
The popular media presentation of statistics can be misleading. How can politicians be expected to come up with the right answers when the information they are given is not honest? Consider the follow...
Social Respect and Its Effect on Governance
9 months ago
Social respect and the result when it is missing: While it is not a science-based observation, it does seem that respect is declining in all societies. Respect for others, even your enemies, used to b...
Manners and Politics
10 months ago
Manner is defined as; the style or customary way of doing or accomplishing something. Manners are defined as: a socially acceptable way of behaving. One of the basic examples of bad manners is latenes...