Peter Rose

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Equality and Hate Crimes
6 months ago
Equality and hate crimes. Are we in danger of getting too legalistic and too bogged down in fine detail abut discrimination and Equality? The law has introduced the notion that “hate” is both definabl...
The Politics of Climate Change
6 months ago
The big topic, especially in the media and the “Guardianista chattering classes,” is climate change and how all those wicked people are destroying the planet. It should be noticed that it is always ot...
Democracy Needs Changing
7 months ago
Democracy needs changing. Where do we go from here? Whilst democracy is theoretically the best way to govern, it is still open to improvement in the way it is practised. This has always been the case....
The Search for a Perfect Economic System
7 months ago
The search for the perfect economic system. How can we construct a good economic system that will provide for the material needs and give purpose, to a whole planet? Definitions: Work: Paid for physic...
Is Socialism the Way Forward?
7 months ago
Is socialism the way forward? Will a socialist government really make life better for the majority? I see so many posts on Facebook, from intelligent serious and well intentioned people, that claim Mr...
The Rise of Right Wing Political Parties in the 21st Century
7 months ago
I often see on TV and media “experts” expressing surprise at the increasing support for right wing political parties all over Europe. Why surprised? If the experts are knowledgeable and actually think...