Tim Bryce

Tim Bryce is a freelance writer and management consultant located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. His blog can be found at: timbryce.com

This Is War!
20 days ago
Click for AUDIO version. The 2018 Congressional midterm elections will be bloody. As usual the GOP is naive regarding political campaigning and underestimates the ferocity of the Democrats. Let's firs...
Who Has Really Got the Mental Disorder, Trump or the Dems?
a month ago
From an industrial psychology perspective, President Trump exhibits a super Type-A personality, which is common for successful people and something I have discussed previously. This type of person pos...
The Ugly Truth About America
a month ago
As you get older, you discover there are fewer shades of gray in life. As you gain experience, you tend to see things more in terms of black-and-white. You now possess an appreciation of what works an...
Is the GOP Really on Its Deathbed?
2 months ago
To paraphrase Mark Twain, "The reports of the death of the GOP are greatly exaggerated." To listen to the mainstream media, they would have us believe the Republican party is in disarray and on its de...
The American Cultural Revolution of 2017
2 months ago
As 2017 comes to an end, the country still finds itself in the grips of political polarization, perhaps more so than under President Barack Obama. However, is this truly caused by politics, or is it c...
American Renaissance
2 months ago
There is something in the wind. America is changing, not just a little, but a lot. No, it is not the political intrigue of Washington featuring numerous investigations. Nor is it the recent spat of se...