Tim Bryce

Tim Bryce is a freelance writer and management consultant located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. His blog can be found at: timbryce.com

Who Is Creating the Culture of Hatred?
5 days ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - President Trump or the Democrats? Click for AUDIO VERSION. Following the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso last week, President Trump came under fire by both the Democrats and M...
Can We Find a Middle Ground?
19 days ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - I think we all know the answer. Click for AUDIO VERSION. The talking heads of the main stream media have been asking for the Democrats and Republicans to find a middle ground and w...
President Trump vs The Squad of Four
a month ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - This round goes to the president. Click for AUDIO VERSION. The 2020 Presidential campaign kicked into high gear this week, not because of anything said by the Democrat candidates, ...
What Does It Mean to Be a Citizen of the United States?
a month ago
BRYCE ON CITIZENSHIP - For Independence Day. Click for AUDIO VERSION. Have you ever watched a naturalization ceremony? This is where people from different countries around the world apply for citizens...
Trump Is Off and Running, for the 2nd Time
2 months ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS He hits the ground running at a mega-campaign event. Click for AUDIO VERSION. President Trump's re-election campaign kicked off this past Tuesday at the Amway Center in Orlando. This...
The Political War of the Entertainment Media
2 months ago
BRYCE ON POLITICS - Was Truman Capote correct? Click for AUDIO VERSION. The liberals in Hollywood are panicking over the anti-abortion bills as put forth by states such as Missouri, Alabama, Louisiana...