Scott Bowen

I am a Democratic activist from Alexandria, Virginia. I grew up overseas where my parents served as a Foreign Service Officers. I work for local government and have a strong interest in racial relations and discrimination in America.

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Trump Is Hurting the Economy
9 months ago
Let's review the current situation. Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's campaign manager, was locked up in jail and has pleaded guilty to crimes and made a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's of...
2018 Will Be the Most Important Year in the History of Our Young Democratic Republic
a year ago
A lot of America is hurting. Republican policies have shrunk the middle class, to the point where it really is almost nonexistent. It started with Ronald Reagan and "Trickle Down" economics, which Ame...
The Trump Fiasco Is All Richard Nixon's Fault
a year ago
We really all should have seen the Trump Presidency coming. It has always been there, just underneath the surface of our lives, or really right in front of our faces. For those of us who grew up in th...
Joe Biden Will Be The Next President Of The United States
2 years ago
Joe Biden, with his Secret Service entourage in tow, appeared at my best friend's restaurant, Rocco's Italian Restaurant, in McLean, Virginia earlier this summer. He was gracious and charming, and cha...
President Trump Is A Dangerous Narcissist Backed Into A Corner
2 years ago
Psychiatrists should be on TV every single day screaming at the top of their lungs about the extreme dangers of having an extreme narcissist as Commander in Chief of the United States of America. Narc...
Here Comes The Smear Campaign Against Al Gore
2 years ago
Now that former Vice President Al Gore has released his new film, AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL: TRUTH TO POWER, we can all expect, and are already seeing, an all-out attack on his character and on global wa...