Robert Gregory

Directionless nerd with a first class degree in Criminology and Economics and no clear idea of what to do with it.

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The Common Woman, Part 1
a year ago
The challenge that prompted this essay: I am actually interested in why so many in the group seem to have a negative view towards modern feminism? Radical feminists exist probably in all waves. And in...
The Common Woman: Part 2
a year ago
But it gets even worse. More dangerous than any of this is the solution to the workplace problem propounded not merely on the fringes of feminism, but in the mainstream media: the solution that there shall be no children, that by various unnatural devices a woman shall set herself “free” from the most fundamental function of womanhood in order to serve some of the most superficial functions of modern civilisation. The very fact that the unnatural devices are considered necessary is itself instru...
Dear Comrades
2 years ago
This is going to be a recurring theme in a lot of these essays, so I might as well get it out of the way now. We all love our liberties, or think we do, and I'm no exception. Yet most of you, as you r...