Phil Rowan


I do dark humor thrillers with nukes, nasty baddies & seriously seductive female agents ... and like my main man, Flynn, I was also a distracted journalist!

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Trouble Ahead... and It's Not Just from Islamist Killers!
2 years ago
We've had a rough time recently in the UK with terrorist murders in London and Manchester - and these vile assassins may strike again in the coming months. Fortunately, we've got our police, the army ...
So What Will Happen Next For Us In the UK?
2 years ago
There is apprehension with nervous indications all around a bar that is close to our House of Commons in Westminster. We have just had a 'Day of Rage' following on from the Grenfell Tower disaster in ...
A Nuclear War Tomorrow
2 years ago
Think back a few years to the war in Korea when our best Western armies fought gallantly to dissuade Russian and Chinese Communist Northern forces from taking over in the South. It worked well for a w...
Fascism Returns And Is Warmly Welcomed, With Ethnic Minorities as Our New Jews
2 years ago
Most of us look back with horror at what Hitler did to the Jews – and the slaughter on an industrialised scale that took place in Nazi extermination camps in German-occupied Poland and Germany during ...
Germany in the 1930s and Our Western World Today
2 years ago
So - 1930s Germany and the Western world of today. Are there any serious similarities? Within the last five years, most of us would have said 'no - we've made a lot of progress since those dim days.' ...