Jakeson Eudela

I am a Filipino-Taiwanese senior high school graduate currently residing in Parañaque City and a freelance fiction and non-fiction writer.

Why I Won't Vote in Today's Elections
2 months ago
It's that time of the year again, where in around 60 million registered Filipino voters will go to the voting precincts, and vote for their preferred candidates for seats in the Senate, the House of R...
The Emperor Has Abdicated—Long Live the Emperor!
3 months ago
Back in 2016, now former Japanese Emperor, Akihito, announced his intent to abdicate from the Chrysanthemum Throne, after more than 30 years of reign, which began in 1989 after the death of Emperor Hi...
American Politics in the Eyes of a Filipino
3 months ago
One thing worth admiring about the United States of America is that it has continued existing for around 240 years, and its stayed almost the same, when countries around the globe failed and fell, inc...
What Is Federalism, and Would It Help the Philippines?
3 months ago
The word "Federalism" has been a trending one all over the mainstream, and social, media. People both online and offline are debating about whether federalism is something that the Philippines needs. ...
Just-World Hypothesis: Conservatism's Fantasyland
3 months ago
If people are asked to think of words they could associate with conservatism, it is certain that most of them would answer religion or free markets and we cannot blame them for that. Both a desire to ...