Hanin Najjar

Arab American 

Journalist, Filmmaker, Activist

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The World Is Silent to Palestinian Death
8 months ago
About 60 Palestinians were killed and 3,000 were injured by Israeli forces at the Gaza apartheid wall when they were protesting US embassy's establishment in Jerusalem. The protesters were largely pea...
Gun Violence Walkout
8 months ago
In light of the high school shooting in Parkland FL, that took the lives of 17 students Pacific University students, faculty and staff joined over 3000 schools in the national March for Our Lives Walk...
A Story of Reconciliation
8 months ago
Sabina Haque, like many other parents in Trump’s America, does not know what to say when her eight-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter ask her, “What will happen to us?” Sabina Haque, the Portland b...