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Millennials Are Financially Screwed Over
2 years ago
Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation to exist. The creators of Facebook, Snapchat and any social media website that exists were created by millennials. With all this innovation and ...
1 Year Later Keystone Has A Pipeline Leak
2 years ago
A year ago, there were massive protests around the issue of building the Keystone pipeline. The key reason for major opposition to the Keystone pipeline is due to harmful environmental damage; if a pi...
The Good Ole Boys Club: An Antiquated System That No Longer Belongs In America
2 years ago
The Good ole boys club is a club where men like Roy Moore are protected and get away with despicable behavior. This club has been in America for centuries, it was created during an era where only men ...
Hillary and The DNC Screws Over America's Progress
2 years ago
Never in the history of our politics has America received big surprises coming from both parties. First, Paul Manafort and his long-time business associate Rick Gates turned themselves into the FBI. B...
Too Bad for Democracy: The Elections of 1912 and 2016
2 years ago
In political history, there are events that change the course of a nation for good or for the worst and these are events both Democrats and Republicans should learn from. The election of 1912 between ...