David Bulley

History teacher, writer, storyteller

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Hug a Nazi
a year ago
I’m almost finished with the first draft of a book titled How to Stop Feeling Afraid, in which I use all my experience as a high and middle school disciplinarian to show how nearly all aberrant behavior has its roots in fear. Why did that guy call you names? He’s afraid. Why did your girlfriend snub you in public? She’s afraid. Why were you robbed, threatened, hurt, dissed, cut off in traffic? All, all (except for the sociopath) because that person’s fear was powerful enough to overcome their na...
"The Media Lies" Challenge
a year ago
Media Challenge Mainstream media does not “lie.” There. I said it. It's trendy nowadays for people of both ends of the political spectrum to talk about and act as if it’s a pre-existing condition that...
Stop Saying “If” to Justify Your Shoddy Political Ideas
2 years ago
On May 30, 2017 President Trump tweeted, "The U.S. Senate should switch to 51 votes, immediately, and get Healthcare and TAX CUTS approved, fast and easy,". "Dems would do it, no doubt!" In fact, ther...
How Close Are You to Being a Terrorist?
2 years ago
After 9/11, most people in the industrialized modern world asked ourselves an important question. How could anyone do such a thing? For most of us the question was merely rhetorical. But for social sc...
That's Stupid
2 years ago
For several years now I have administered discipline in high schools and middle schools, which has given me a unique insight into human behavior and American culture. Our children are tiny, carnival m...