Ben W

Ben helps students from around the world to improve their English language skills. Ben enjoys traveling around the world, developing his writing abilities, and reading good books.  

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The Brilliance of a Speech—Charlie Chaplin
7 months ago
Charlie Chaplin, one of the great film figures of the 20th century and known for his silent work in film, took a great leap of faith and showed moral courage by his performance parodying Adolf Hitler ...
Book Review - 'Governing the World: The History of an Idea' by Mark Mazower
7 months ago
Governing the World: The History of an Idea is an illuminating and insightful history regarding the shaky yet continuous rise of internationalism that began with the Concert of Vienna in 1815. Mazower...
'Get Action'
8 months ago
“Get action. Do things; be sane; don’t fritter away your time; create, act, take a place wherever you are and be somebody; get action.” Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, was...
Expanding The National Service
2 years ago
If you are a young American thinking about what to do next with your life after finishing high school or college, and you’re interested in serving greater causes than your own personal goals and pursu...