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Songs About Police Brutality
7 days ago
Sometimes a song is the fastest and the most emotionally evocative way to communicate a lesson. You can read a book, watch a movie, and even subject yourself to raw cam footage of grizzly police viole...
Best Political Gifts For People Who Hate Trump
8 days ago
The perfect gift for the anti-Trump person in your life is going to help send a message to the dumpster fire in the White House. It's not going to be some wacky shirt or a Donald Trump blow up doll th...
Possible Gun Control Solutions
11 days ago
America's epidemic of gun violence is easily solved. There are plenty of gun control solutions and the public is hungry to see those solutions implemented. The problem is that there are too many polit...
Trump's Sexism and Misogyny
19 days ago
Donald Trump's sexism and misogyny is well documented. His attitude toward women is that they are less than him. He believes he's entitled to use women, comment on women's bodies, demean women from hi...
10 Things Trump Has Undone
22 days ago
Donald Trump is a brutal reminder of just how much ugliness exists beneath America’s shiny veneer. Behind all the culture, technology, and inspirational tales that the US exports to the rest of the wo...
Ways Donald Trump Is Making Himself Richer as the President
24 days ago
Donald Trump is a bigot who's been accused of sexual misconduct by 19 women. It's important to keep that information in the public's consciousness to balance out all the privilege afforded to him by A...