Christina St-Jean

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#WomenBoycottTwitter: Did It Make A Difference, Or Did Women Silence Their Voice?
7 days ago
Anytime people are banding together to fight a common cause for the greater good, I'm intrigued. The #WomenBoycottTwitter movement, which occurred Friday Oct. 13, definitely has me intrigued, but it's...
Dear Donald Trump: Don't Kick Puerto Rico While It's Down
21 days ago
Mr. Trump: I'm not an American, nor do I claim to be. I'm not someone who is hugely political, and many times, I'm not a big fan of the leadership of my own country, let alone someone else's. I am, ho...
Trump Rant Backfires Among Athletes
a month ago
So. As President Trump tries, yet again, to ram through legislation that will effectively kill Obamacare and leave thousands without appropriate and affordable health care, he's now turning his attent...
Dear Donald: Grab a Dictionary
2 months ago
Mr. Trump; There's a few things on my mind this morning, and while for once I'm not deeply concerned about your bigotry, your hateful rhetoric, or your questionable policies, I am still somewhat conce...
Barron Trump Needs a Break
2 months ago
As someone who has not been the biggest fan of the current United States president, I get how easy it is to go after Donald Trump’s policies and really, his overall approach to the presidency as a who...
When Social Media Policy Allows Hateful Messages
2 months ago
I've been blogging for a number of years now, and what happened in the early hours of August 16 freaks me out. It does more than freak me out, though; it makes me angry. Much of the writing I do has t...