Christina St-Jean

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When Paradise Turns Hellish for 38 Minutes: A Colossal Mistake
7 months ago
What the hell do you do when you're in the middle of what should be the vacation of a lifetime and you learn a ballistic missile is headed your way? What do you do when you're going about your daily l...
#DeepState: Ellen DeGeneres Just Doesn't Have the Time for It
7 months ago
Sorry, #EricTrump — #EllenDeGeneres just doesn't have time to be part of the #DeepState. Apparently in an effort to illustrate that worries about being betrayed and undermined are a family affair, Eri...
Trump's Forbidden Words: 'Fetus,' 'Transgender' Among Them
8 months ago
From the files of the insanity that is the Trump administration comes news that there are now certain words that are no longer supposed to turn up in any official documentation. Thanks to the Centers ...
Sexual Misconduct and the Presidency: Reality Bites for Trump
8 months ago
Even as photographic evidence continues to mount that President Trump did, in fact, at least encounter the nearly 20 women who have accused him thus far of sexual misconduct, the party line continues ...
Trump's Travel Ban Gets Preliminary Supreme Court Approval
8 months ago
President Trump's blatant dislike of anyone of Muslim descent seems to have gotten support from the Supreme Court. The president's travel ban, which in its various forms has attempted to block the arr...
Someone, Get Trump Out of the White House
9 months ago
Enough is absolutely enough. I no longer really care about whether Trump colluded with the Russians to win the White House, or what missteps either Ivanka Trump or Kellyanne Conway have made that furt...