Jeremy Frommer

CEO of Jerrick Media, a progressive digital media and technology company. I abhor hypocrisy, admire hard work, and aspire to think abstractly. @jeremyfrommer

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Dear Donald, Never Again
a year ago
President Trump, one of the worst parts of today's news is how many people probably tuned in for a moment, and then returned back to their regular Saturday morning television because you have numbed u...
In Propaganda We Trust: America's Terrifying Propaganda Affair
a year ago
So many of us are products of the American education system, and all remember what it was like to sit in English class, often not having a clue as to the big picture reasons behind why we were reading...
Dear Donald... Sorry, Not Sorry
a year ago
Why apologize? Why should actors and other creatives keep apologizing to you for expressing their feelings? You have never apologized. In some ways that wouldn't be such a big deal, or at least not un...
Beyond #Covfefe: Tweet Fails That Could End The World
a year ago
It happened around midnight. Trump, hoping to create a stirring speech for his worried, disillusioned and at times, angry, countrymen, had taken to Twitter. He wanted to say something powerful - perha...