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To Dream an Impossible Dream?

Can bipartisan decency ever return to the U.S.?

Since the beginnings of his candidacy, I’ve excoriated Donald Trump on a regular basis, but I do not hold the same ill will towards conservatives in general.

And, many conservative friends (yes, I have conservative friends), respect my thoughts on the matter because they’ve realized it is truly possible to be a conservative while not accepting the direction the current Republican president is taking our country, and our decency. 

To those other of my GOP friends reading this, however, when will you stop hating or badmouthing every last “liberal” or Democrat because you believe you have to?

And Democrats, it’s a two-way street. We do exactly the same damn thing. 

This country is split enough. Those on my side loathe this president, and many loathe his continued supporters who are complicit in his disastrous presidency, but very, very few of us “hate” all Republicans, many of whom can’t stand or tolerate Trump either.

But they would rarely, if ever, mention that in a public forum. They sure do privately, though. 

If the shoe was on the other foot, Democrats may well have a similar issue. But that’s nothin' but guesswork, there.

Regardless, the present nonsense continues. The memes, the fake quotes, the ever-increasing revisionist history, I get it. You’d feel like you’re a “traitor” if you “like” or “accept” a liberal of any stripe.

Right? No different than those up-Trump’s-ass GOP lawmakers who are killing their party from the inside. They’re no different than him. Enablers do no one any favors.

It’s tiresome. There are numerous GOP voters that several of us freethinkers appreciate and like: Ana Navarro, Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace—even Joe and Mika. Freethinkers one and all, not a one who believes Donald Trump is any sort of “conservative” nor an effective President.

And so they’re not voting for him in 2020.

They’re not afraid to publicly acknowledge what’s been going on. They’re not afraid to come out against Trump sycophants in Congress.

Yes, I watch MSNBC. But even several on FOX of late are accepting that Trump is unfit, and is a chronic liar.

What’s your problem? Why can’t you? Why can’t you accept that not all “liberals” agree on an ice cream flavor, much less politics?

We’re all the same, I know. It’s easier that way, right? I especially love how we are responsible for “banning” Charlie Brown, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” “Rudolph”...

About five minutes ago I watched a report about the seven-year-old immigrant child who died as she could not receive proper medical attention on a timely basis. That report was followed by immigrant children now having numbers written on their arms to track them.

Who said concentration camps could never return?

To those on the other side, do you simply accept this historical circle-in-the-making, the lies and manipulations? Is it the Democrats’ fault somehow?

Once upon a time, “liberal” was not a dirty word. But, neither was “conservative.”

Yes, this article is slanted. Passionate honesty won that battle. But I’m willing to extend as many olive branches as necessary to cultivate a new understanding as to your wants and needs, while expressing my own to you.

But let’s work together to get this con out of office. We’re better than this. 

How will history remember us otherwise?

Maybe one day we can all be decent again.

Until then.

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To Dream an Impossible Dream?
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