Joel Eisenberg

Joel is a writer-producer, and partner in TV development group Council Tree Productions. He has developed projects for Ovation TV, TNT, Decades TV and FOX Studios, among others. 

Pussy-grabbing in Shithole Countries
3 days ago
I found a letter yesterday. It was in my late dad’s effects, within a folder that also contained my third-grade report card ... and an essay. The paper upon which the essay was written was brittle to ...
The "True" Narrative, as I See It
11 days ago
It’s time for the poor bastard to be swallowed by a whale. Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” is released today, a week earlier than planned, as a response to the President’s threats of a cease and desis...
Mueller Day Is Coming!
16 days ago
Donald J. Trump is no Superman. And, he is being investigated for reason. That said, as patronizing as this statement may be, there is a stark difference between “truth” and “opinion.” To wit ... Trut...