Joel Eisenberg

Joel is a writer-producer, and partner in TV development group Council Tree Productions. He has developed projects for Ovation TV, TNT, Decades TV and FOX Studios, among others. 

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Masturbating with Metal: Gun Culture and the Fantasy of the Armed Teacher
7 months ago
I want to be clear here: There are always exceptions to every stance. However, as a former special education teacher of at-risk children and adults (gang members, drug addicts and alcoholics, and the ...
To Dream an Impossible Dream?
7 months ago
Since the beginnings of his candidacy, I’ve excoriated Donald Trump on a regular basis, but I do not hold the same ill will towards conservatives in general. And, many conservative friends (yes, I hav...
When Is Enough, Enough? Some of My Best Friends Are Conservative. You, Sir, Are No Conservative
7 months ago
As we say in Brooklyn, “It’s bullshit already.” Shut down the damn government, then, Mr. Trump. We’ve had a temperamental, impulsive con man in the White House for the past two years. It’s not as if w...
I’m an Artist. Your Offense Is Not My Problem
7 months ago
A song from The Little Mermaid has been cut from a Princeton performance for being offensive. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been removed from certain radio rotations due to being offensive. “Rudolph th...
George Lucas Did Not Rape My Childhood, but His Sith Informed My Politics
a year ago
Oprah Winfrey killed it on this year’s Golden Globe Awards. The ovation was staggering. Men and women both were crying. She addressed the #MeToo and #ItsTime movements, and minutes later was touted as...
Op-ed from an Avowed Anti-Trumper: If Those of Us on “The Left” Condone an Artistic Blacklist, Will Nazism Be Next? (Or, Why Conservatism in 2018 Hollywood Is the New “Gay.”)
2 years ago
The provocative headline is only partially clickbait. Softening it for effect or to make myself look better won’t happen. I want this one read, and read hard. I want the word “radioactive” associated ...