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The Scottish Sporran Legion and Other Myths

Unite before it's too late!

In the usual way these ideas happen, this was a random SNP tweet to which I replied. 

Apparently, if Scotland becomes independent, all non believers will be hunted down and thrown over the border to England. Or possibly executed by being made to eat vegetarian haggis and drink cheap Japanese whisky. 

This is only funny because it's very close to the truth, or at least the truth from the more twisted minds of the mouth frothing rabid SNP commandos. They seem to think they have a divine duty to have Scotland all to themselves. Deluded isn't really a strong enough description of these demented loons. 

Unfortunately, this mad mindset is not only tolerated, but actively encouraged by the current leadership. I say current because I foresee a change in the near future. The ignominy of losing so many seats, most of which were regarded as rock solid, at the recent general election, has focused minds in the higher echelons of the party. 

Ripples are appearing in the usually calm waters of team Sturgeon. So far this is fairly low-level sniping, but the very fact that there is criticism of any kind is completely against the party rules. Strictly prohibited. Punishable by having a very loud rendition of "The mucking of Geordie's byre" played on a loop, while tied to a statue of Robbie Burns, in the back room of the Coo and Thistle in downtown Auchtermuchty. 

So far I haven't heard of this happening to any of the traitors, but if it has happened, they would have been exiled to the Isle of Doum. A small dot of land in the middle of Loch Ness. 

Once the leadership allows any crumb of criticism to go unanswered, the end is not far away. The rabid hordes can smell fear from several miles and will spread the word. Names of prospective leaders have even been mentioned on social media, and if any of these names ever ascend to the top of the SNP castle, then the SNP will slide back into the swamp of political obscurity. 

To be honest, I'm growing ever more bored with the machinations of the Scottish political playground. To have so many nonentities disguised as politicians running from one television studio to the next, smearing each other, without a care about the truth of any of their claims, is very disheartening. 

After almost twenty years of the Scottish "government", the quality of the inmates has fallen drastically. Some of the recent intake are barely literate. Good and decent people just don't want to get involved in national politics because of the press intrusion and having to deal with some colleagues who are hardly out of puberty. 

The whole focus is directed at the some very trivial matters. The world is changing rapidly and there are actually some people who can see what is going on beyond the borders of Scotland and the rest of the UK.   

What is needed are open minded people who are aware of the reasons for the constant turmoil and endless wars around the planet, and are prepared to speak out about the abuse of "democracy" going on in most countries. 

Scotland is a very important country, but given that we will be affected by other world events, looking outward has to be very important. To be constantly bitching at people who have a different point of political views, is boring, embarrassing and totally unnecessary. This is a tactic of the globalist puppet masters, to divide and conquer. Unfortunately, each side of the independence debate are so consumed by naked hated, they have no ability to see the real danger. 

If they had any sense, they would unite and resist these scum sucking parasites. But sadly, I haven't seen any signs of sense, common or otherwise. 

There is now a global movement of like minded members of the public forming to take on the globalists and prove that the people are not prepared to allow the wars for profit to continue.

 Wake up Nationalists and Unionists of Scotland and combine with the Anti-Globalists to stop these people forming their much longer for World Government. 

We are no longer going to be part of the global war games! 

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The Scottish Sporran Legion and Other Myths
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