Michael Blair

I'm a medically retired grumpy Scotsman with a good sense of the ridiculous. I write some political satire and some more serious pieces. I'm here to wake people up! 

On twitter I'm @mmjblair and email me at [email protected] 

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EU In or UK Out?
5 months ago
On the 29th of March 2019, the UK will leave the EU. Now, this is very easy to say, but it's being made almost impossible to implemented by a wide range of people and political groups who have a veste...
Brexit and Bad Manners
7 months ago
One could not make this up. Seriously. I have never witnessed such political stupidity from so many politicians at the same time. They seem to be on some kind of crusade of destruction, or under the i...
Nothing Is Black and White with the SNP
8 months ago
First there was the visit to Poland, and the day trip to Auschwitz. One of the most important historic sites in the world. A place where unspeakable horrors were carried out. Not exactly the place for...
Time and Time Wait for No One
9 months ago
Every time I write something about the SNP, I optimistically think there's nothing more to say. They couldn't possibly surpass the idiocy previously shown, but they can and they do. And as always, I a...
Mother Sturgeon, Cult? Discuss
a year ago
I know I have written several pieces on the subject of the SNP and its effect on the life of Scotland and its political and people. So I decided to take a break from Scottish politics for a wee while....
Syria: Dust, Rubble, and Mirrors
a year ago
Not for the first time, the Middle East is in turmoil. Once again, outside forces are stirring up trouble and trying to obscure the truth behind the plumes of acrid black smoke billowing from the bomb...