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The Need for Universal Income

Don't give away your money to look good.

Universal income is a thing European countries attempt. Normally, most people make income through work, but some make money off of SSI pensions. This is a form of universal income. Universal income implies that everybody on the planet gets a small stipend. I’m shocked that some people in other countries do not have enough money. An African would be rich by their standards if they had what I have in my account now. They also use animals to demonstrate their wealth, so much so that there are organizations that help average people who have money in other countries buy Africans chickens who lay eggs, which gives people a means to trade the eggs for goods or other livestock.

In places on this planet where there is little money, barter exists. Some countries have free education and healthcare. The United States has a capitalist bend. We will never have free education unlike many countries in the world, but I plan on fighting for healthcare rights. This is why I want to go to law school. I want to create a decent healthcare system for all. Basic income may be a right granted to those with full citizenship. Some non-fascist, non-sociopathic people feel that universal income is a human right.

Universal income would be a monthly benefit that unemployed people get despite their gargantuan efforts to find work. Universal basic income may help our domestic workforce since maybe automated robots will take over most jobs in the United States in 25 years. Universal basic income would be given to people so that they could use it on whatever they wanted. Stable income can help you build more income since universal income would mean that some people could be entrepreneurial if they wanted to make more money.

Sometimes making money is hard to do. Universal Basic Income would help. However, jobs may not all be automated in 25 years. There are still many jobs that require a person to fulfill it. Universal basic income is a means to an end. It can help people make more money if they do things like start businesses with it. Universal income could help low-income people be less stressed. Being low income is quite stressful on the mind and body. It means that some of us have little confidence in the realm of making money. Making money is important, but it is not exceedingly important. It is a means to an end.

Money can help with the need to buy food or other goods like gasoline. Money is useful to go to the movies, to buy clothing, to buy electronic devices, and more. Having too much money can get to one’s head, though. All I need is extra money from working for somebody else or for myself. Universal income fulfills a need for many people all over the planet. It means that the desperately poor can earn a livelihood. There should be money available for all people in the world now. Extra money helps many on low-income.

Money is not everything, though. It is best to avoid greed. Greedy behavior implies that the person who wants money needs more of it. Greed doesn’t serve the world. It doesn’t mean much since greed takes over the personality of the greedy. Giving money away to charitable causes is fine, but the thing is, sometimes, it can be too much spending of a good thing. Watching out for how much money is given is a necessary fact of life. Giving to charity to make yourself look good is not something someone with money can get done. Often, that means the person is selfish and not actually giving out of concern for the organizations they are giving to. I would like to give my money away when I have it, but the thing is, I prefer to do everything in moderation. 

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The Need for Universal Income
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