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Tantrums and Trump

I want it my way!

When a person takes up a position of power and responsibilities, one expects a certain manner. A way of putting people at ease and making them feel as if they are safe and cared about. 

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has none of the above qualities. He blusters, red in the face, at the unfairness of anything and anyone who has the temerity to disagree with his opinions and judgement. 

Every time I see him, I'm reminded of a three year old toddler, a twelve year old girl and a sixteen year old boy. The expression of bewildered rage. The crashing of fists on the table. The look of entitlement. I half expect him to start throwing papers up in the air, running out, slamming the door and shouting that he will never come back! Oh, if only! 

Now, this would be bad enough if he were a manager in Walmart. Snarling at staff and customers alike. But this giant ball of unpleasantness is the leader of the most powerful country in the world. 

This position could and should be used to do masses of good for America and many other places. But I'm afraid, this is one of the most self-centered people ever to attain high office.

The very fact that he is still using Twitter to spout his displeasure at decisions which have gone against him is one of the most shameful aspects of the man and the people who are "advising" him. 

I truly believe that President Donald Trump cannot be advised. He has no capacity for taking advice. Whatever part of the human brain which stops most people doing things which could harm themselves or others, is absent from this man. He cannot understand why people are against his insane policies. This is because in his mind, they are perfectly rational and normal. 

His advisors are obviously terrified by the bouffant buffoon and his uncontrollable volcanic temper tantrums. He issues veiled threats to anyone who dares to think for themselves. He has no idea of the complexities of being in the Oval Office. This requires tact, a generous spirit and the ability to listen to people who are experts in their particular field. 

Donald Trump has none of these requirements. He is in essence, a spoiled brat who has always got what he wanted. He has serious problems dealing with strong women. They, in his opinion, should be doing what he tells them, not trying to do their job. This is probably the reason he has married several times, and to women who are either naturally submissive or are just plain scared of him. 

I know nothing of his children, but anyone who stands gloating over the dead body of a beautiful wild animal, isn't much of a human being. 

President Trump seems to take great pleasure in humiliation of, in his opinion, lesser mortals. Witness the glee shown when he was imitating the reporter with cerebral palsy. Also the disgusting treatment of a reporter who wanted to question him about his Mexican policies.           He gestured to his large henchman, and this unassuming man trying to do his job, was pushed out of the room. This was completely disgusting behaviour, just because he didn't like the question. 

Watching his discomfort at the inauguration, as the Obamas gracefully took the stage, as he and his wife, who looked as if she wished she was anywhere but there, stood rigid and out of place.

There is no grace about this man-child. He scowls and growls and apparently has had a humourectomy, as he only laughs at his comments and other's misfortune. This is not what the American people expect from their Commander in Chief.  

He is quickly losing support from his core base, and faster from those who believed that he was going to lead them back to a version of a cosy 1950's American television series. Even his hair colour seems to be leaving him. Witness the orange is now more silver. Or maybe he thinks that it makes him look more statesman like! 

I don't know what the upshot of all this strange behaviour will be, but I don't think it will be good. Let's hope for the best and maybe they will get him a nanny to keep him out of trouble. 

It's a shame Mrs Doubtfire is no more! 

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Tantrums and Trump
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