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SNP and the Cult of Personality

Yes, they are all cults.

I'm flogging it, but it's still not responding! 

Today, in a picture straight out of the North Korean or Russian hand book on cultish behaviour, Nicola Sturgeon is surrounded by children who were tasked with painting images of the Dear Leader herself.

Scotland and as far as I am aware, it is still a democracy, and for anyone who is leading the party in charge of governing the country, to have primary school children paint effigies of herself, is about as creepy as it gets. I can understand school children painting pictures of the Queen, but not some failed soon to be gone politician, is extremely unsettling. 

I mean, does she really think she is some kind of deity? Or possibly Head of State? 

It's possible she really does think exactly that! Of course the party followers, the Sporran Legion, leap to her defence regardless of the right or wrong. To them, she is perfect in every way, and cannot be blamed for anything that goes wrong. 

In the Scottish Parliament, the fawning over Ms. Ironpants is quite sickening. Her opponents are treated as if they don't exist. A recent example of this was when the SNP budget speech was rebutted by the Conservative Party finance spokesman. The entire SNP front bench turned their collective backs on the speech giver and at least three of them began having a louche conversation. The ignorance of these politicians is beyond belief. 

I saw a tweet from an SNP supporter yesterday, complaining that someone had referred to Nicola Sturgeon, as Sturgeon. This, he said was disrespectful. Apparently it's alright to call Theresa May, May or even Jeremy Corbyn, as, Corbyn, but Ms. Ironpants has to either be called Nicola Sturgeon or Nicola or First Minister. Or perhaps, God? 

The main problem with any political leader, is the removal of a sense of self-awareness. If one is constantly flattered and never contradicted, this will make one feel almost omnipotent. Poor decisions are applauded by the sycophantic arse kissers without a murmur of dissent or objectivism. These lackeys are so in thrall to the great leader, that normal rules do not apply. 

In the case of Nicola Sturgeon, this cult of personality is running rampant through the entire Scottish National Party. Not one of the spineless creatures she has doing her bidding, would say boo to a goose, never mind try to point out to her, that a particular policy is completely ridiculous and unworkable. 

A prime example of this ovine stupidity is the Named Person legislation. This has been proven to be unlawful by the Supreme Court of the UK, but the ridiculously pompous Leader is still ploughing on, telling anyone who can still bear her shrill whine, that the policy will go ahead regardless of court rulings. 

I have difficulty believing that no one has had the balls to say to her that she can't go on flogging a dead policy. But obviously they are all terrified of being thrown out of the tartan circle and being outcast to the wilds of Rannoch Moor. Forever wailing into the mist covered heather, a dirge of sorrow and shame. 

There are some muted mutterings coming from deep inside the SNP in recent months, but whether it amounts to anything more than a case of mild indigestion or something more serious, I do not know. Time will tell if the rumblings are serious. But one thing I'm sure of, is the demise of the SNP will take place at the next Scottish parliamentary election. The pot of independence is kept simmering by the Leader to keep the Sporran Legion happy, but she knows it won't happen. 

There's no appetite for another divisive referendum in the country and polls show no increase in support for such a vote. 

Nicola Sturgeon and her cult will not be treated well by history. Their entire focus was on independence, when it should have been repairing the divide the referendum created in Scotland and governing for the whole country and not on their own shortsighted obsession. 

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SNP and the Cult of Personality
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