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Scottish Nationalism. Living In a Tartan Bubble

The SNP. Never wrong. Never apologise!

Both thinking 💭 "The future is mine!" 

During the debate on whether Scotland should be put through the torment of another independence referendum, the news that there had been a terrorist attack in London, close to Westminster came through the debating chamber of the Scottish Parliament.     

Very sensibly, there was a decision to suspend the ongoing debate out of respect for what was going on outside the Palace of Westminster in London. This was completely the correct thing to do, as minds would not have been fully focused on the matter in hand. The fact that people had been killed and badly injured made the decision inevitable. 

While this was being discussed by the Presiding Officer and colleagues, a senior SNP member of the Scottish Parliament, Roseanna Cunningham, stood up and launched a vicious verbal attack on the Conservative party members for the suspending of the debate for their own political advantage. 

This was an obviously deranged person who had lost all control of her ability to see the bigger picture and act like a normal human being.  No apology was forthcoming and to be honest, none was expected and this comes as no surprise to anyone who has had the temerity to question the decisions of this minority SNP government. How dare anyone do something to upstage them on a day where, with the help of the runts of the litter Green party? They were going to win the debate on having another pointless referendum on independence. 

Above anything else, independence is the only issue which actually matters of the fanatics of this authoritarian political party. Nothing and nobody will get in way of their twisted ideology. Taking Scotland out of the Union with England is everything. But staying in the EU is now running a close second to independence.

They want control of everything. From the cradle to the grave. Like all left wing or right wing authoritarian parties, they want to micro-manage every aspect of the lives of the population.

Because Scotland was once, three hundred plus years ago, an independent country, they think the same can be achieved now. This is completely ridiculous and impossible. Whatever was happening sixteenth century, doesn't apply now. But try having that conversation with an SNP fanatic!

So one union with three countries, England, Northern Ireland and Wales is terrible, but a union with twenty-seven countries is completely acceptable. Logic is in very short supply in the higher reaches of this unrepresentative party. 

They do not speak for Scotland, they only speak for themselves and their robotic rabid rabble of mouth frothing small minded anally retentive supporters.

While the SNP focus is always on an independent Scotland, they have failed and neglected many other parts of the country. 

Education is at its lowest ebb in decades. Social housing has stagnated. Job creation is incapable creating any decent kind of employment.               Drug abuse has spiralled out of control, which is apparently the only thing they don't want to control. Homelessness is worse than in living memory, with more and more people sleeping rough in shop doorways etcetera. 

This is completely unacceptable in a modern society in the 21st century. I personally have counted over thirty young people sleeping rough in below freezing temperatures in Scotland's largest city, Glasgow. This was a European City of Culture for God's sake! Is sleeping outside in winter and begging a great way to show tourists how "cultured" Scotland is these days? 

Any semi competent government would make education and housing top priorities and wouldn't take no for any answer regarding these problems. To say people prefer to sleep in the streets of a major city is utterly ridiculous. People who do sleep rough, aren't doing it because it's trendy. The are doing it out of necessity! 

Just how cold and barbaric are these so called representatives of the people?

 Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister, has never done a hand's turn of work in her adult life. After university it was almost straight into politics and up the greasy pole to the top job. This doesn't require much more than animal cunning and the ability to stab colleagues in the back without turning a hair. 

A cold calculated woman who has obviously had a humourectomy at some point prior to political life, she exudes all the charm of an under cooked omelette. 

Her old boss, Alex Salmond, who has a modicum of personality, but completely lacks charm or warmth, is waiting in the wings to take back the reins after Nicola Sturgeon gets the demanded second independence referendum and fails spectacularly to get a majority. 

Salmond resigned immediately after the last failure to gain independence and without any effort, got himself elected to the Westminster Parliament through a safe seat in his native Aberdeenshire. 

He seems to be intent on collecting more pensions than any politician in history and he would love to be the SNP leader again. Playing second fiddle isn't for him. He has to be the the main man. The centre of all attention at all times! 

This is an interesting time for politics in many parts of the world, but for anyone to think that debating independence in Scotland is somehow of more importance than a vicious terrorist attack in another part of the UK, is living in some kind of parallel universe, divorced completely from reality. 

And that is where the SNP currently reside. 

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Scottish Nationalism. Living In a Tartan Bubble
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