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Nothing Is Black and White with the SNP

There are always many gray areas...

First there was the visit to Poland, and the day trip to Auschwitz. One of the most important historic sites in the world. A place where unspeakable horrors were carried out. Not exactly the place for cheap publicity stunts by a politician. But Scotland's First Minister decided to hitch herself to a school trip to the infamous Nazi death camp. 

Not content with horning in on an educational school project and bringing unnecessary stress to the pupils, she then embarked on a long photo opportunity. Having her picture taken from very flattering angles, showing the Sturgeon concerned and thoughtful expression, staring out wistfully, wondering if there's time to get one with the setting sun glinting on her, with the front of the Auschwitz death camp in the background. 

This of course turned out to be one of the worst publicity stunts of all time. 

Next came a strange, apparently random meeting with a homeless man on a side street in Glasgow. A picture appeared on Twitter of what looked like a staged scene, of what appeared to be Mother Sturgeon standing, back to the camera, obscuring what we were told was a homeless man sitting on the pavement, leaning against the wall of a building. There was another woman standing just behind the "Sturgeon" figure, but far enough to the left, not to be be in the way of the camera user. 

So, no pictures of anyone's face. No positive way of identifying any of the people in the photograph. The person who posted the picture on Twitter was apparently the picture taker who had stumbled across this poignant moment. We only have his word that the picture was what he was describing. 

This lucky fellow not only lucky to get this "exclusive" picture, but it turned out that he was a fervent admirer of the sainted Mother Sturgeon, with more than 20,000 followers on Twitter. 

What were the odds of this actually happening? Astronomical I would imagine.

I discussed the series of events with a retired Detective Inspector, who was of the opinion that the whole thing was a staged set up, for the benefit of the SNP, by this admirer of the beloved leader. I had already thought about this being the scenario, but wanted a professional opinion. 

These events are part of a campaign to give this politician a far higher profile than her performance deserves.

 At this time in the UK, we have the extremists of the SNP making noises about declaring a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) if Mother Sturgeon does not announce the intention of asking for another independence referendum. She is walking a diplomatic and political tightrope. The opinion polls aren't showing any rise in the SNP Yes vote and if anything, are showing a decline in their support. 

This makes calling for another independence referendum almost impossible. If she gets the green light to campaign for a vote, she knows it cannot succeed, but the Cultists don't care, and have convinced themselves that if it's called, they will triumph and live, basking in the glorious sunshine of a Scotland, independent, standing alone without the encumbrance of the dreaded English. 

Of course, this ridiculous pipe dream can never come true. The idea of some kind of Brigadoon, where men wear kilts and haggis are wary. Tartan ribbon hanging from trees and whisky running in the streams instead of water. A land where everyone has everything they need and no poverty exists. A good dose of reality is definitely needed to stop the nonsense. 

This dose of reality could come in the form of the brexit circus. 

Mother Sturgeon has been making a fuss about not being consulted on the negotiations being held into the UK exit plan from the EU. She is under the misapprehension that Scotland didn't vote to leave the EU. She doesn't understand that it was a UK vote. Scotland is part of the UK, therefore included in the leave result. 

Unfortunately her past behaviour has been so poor towards the UK government, they are under no obligation to include the most negative politician in the UK to make demands. She thinks that she has better ideas about the way to negotiate a withdrawal from the EU, despite not wanting Scotland to leave. 

Recently her opinion of herself has become almost obsessive. She believes she can't be wrong and anyone else's opinion is to be ridiculed. She tells anyone who tries to criticise her, "she won't be lectured" by anyone. This is a sign of megalomania. But to the Cult, she is treated almost like a goddess and she is now acting exactly like one. 

This always happens when a leader is unable to deal with criticism and has no one strong enough to tell her when she's is simply wrong. This is a very dangerous state of mind for someone who is in a very powerful position. This power is very alluring and addictive. Not something that the can easily give up. 

Many dictators have had the same delusions and their tenure hasn't had a very good outcome. Not that I think she's likely to end up like some, but she might be happy to turn a blind eye to some less than pleasant activities of the more rabid members of her Cult. People will do some very stupid things to help stay in power. 

The SNP and especially their leadership have to stop encouraging their supporters, by their own silence. Unless they can abide by the rule of law and the democratic process, this will all end very badly. 

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Nothing Is Black and White with the SNP
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