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New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Holds Rally in Front of Republican Headquarters

250 Demand Action in White Plains

White Plains Rally

17 people needlessly shot dead at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. It certainly feels the same. So does the immediate, angry response that implores change. But determined high school students standing and demanding a 360 seems different. “Shame on You,” sounds like a rallying cry that has legs and certainly felt that way when Erin Fuller took the mic in front of Republican Headquarters in White Plains. In front of about 250 people, she let it be known that letting the NRA walk all over her (or anyone else) is not an option anymore.

“I can no longer sit by,” said the Sandy Hook resident who survived the Las Vegas shooting.

She also represented a form of collateral damage that is easily overlooked alongside casualty counts. “Why did we get so lucky when so many died? I still close my eyes and hear the gunshots that took the lives of 58 people,” Fuller fought through the tears.

Fuller obviously questioned the availability of guns like the AR-15 but also called for nationwide Risk Protection Orders to prevent unstable people from acquiring firearms. States where already enacted can report better outcomes than having the unnecessary right to lock and load. “44% of those restricted, go onto get psychiatric care,” she asserted.

This type of approach she believes that America must undertake. “This country needs to be proactive, not reactive,” she moved the crowd and gave way to NYS Assemblywoman Shelley Mayer.

The Fight Now Has a Human Face

“It has a human face,” Mayer alluded to Fuller and what the Republican Party is now up against.

She went onto to question how common sense votes in regards bump stocks and gun research never reach the floor. “Speaker of the House Ryan has all the power,” she said.

To that, the crowd joined in choruses of “Vote them out.”

However, slogans aren’t enough for parents like Carly from Bronxville. She lives it every day when dropping her daughter off at school. “It’s rough,” she said, “but that’s why I’m here.”

Dan Convissor knows the feeling as a parent and encourages people that change is possible. “Despite the power of the NRA, we can still organize and push for change,” he said. “It wasn’t always this way, and we can change it back.”

Be the Change You Want to See

Whether Kimberly Markis of Tarrytown feels this aftermath is different, her pledge to be part of change already has legs of their own. “I organized a rally myself yesterday in Tarrytown,” Markis said.

She assured that the specifics aren’t as hard as they may seem. “It’s just about telling your friends and getting them to tell their friends and so on,” said Markis.

Of course, Markis offered sense that for some reason isn’t exactly common in regards to AR-15s, bump stocks and background checks. So she questioned those who think regulating these things in a straightforward manner represents a form of second amendment extremism. “If people think that means we want to take their guns away, then they are being brainwashed,” Markis said.

Annie from Larchmont didn’t dig so deep but was certainly on point in terms of what she intends to do. “I’m going to vote my ass off and get others to go along so we can take our government back from the NRA,” she said.

Our sanity should follow, and Carolyn Damon of Southeast also put a face to fallout that should not exist. “I know a student at Fox Lane. Sad and anxious, she’s afraid people are going to jump out of the closets and start shooting,” she said. “I don’t want to live in a country where children feel that way.”

But it can’t happen unless we diligently follow the lead of what our children have begun.

For more info : NYAGV

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New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Holds Rally in Front of Republican Headquarters
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