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10 Things Trump Has Undone

Despite barely passing any legislation, there are many, many things Trump has undone. Here are just a few!

Donald Trump is a brutal reminder of just how much ugliness exists beneath America’s shiny veneer. Behind all the culture, technology, and inspirational tales that the US exports to the rest of the world is a spring of misogyny and White resentment that allowed the least qualified presidential candidate in American history to become the most powerful man in the world. The things Trump has undone will echo in eternity as a testament to humanity's ignorant viciousness toward itself. 

Global Standing

Other nations used to look to America for leadership, but now our global standing is one of the things Trump has undone. Heads of state see Trump as a bigoted buffoon who can't be trusted with intelligence because he's too likely to be compromised by Russian spies.

The whole world committed to the Paris Climate Accords but America. For a while the only other hold out was Syria, which is in the midst of a civil war. But then even Syria got on board! That means that Trump is as much of a clogged drain as a civil war. And you best believe Trump is a clog made of Big Macs and hairspray!

Trans Rights

Transgender Americans made great strides during the Obama administration but their gains were top among the things Trump has undone. To begin with, all mention of the LGBTQ community was scrubbed from the White House website. It'd have been one thing if the government just decided to quietly leave transgender Americans alone, but instead Trump proposed the military ban openly transgender service people.

The Justice Department and federal courts ultimately sided with transgender Americans, but it was an entirely needless ordeal for a community that continues to struggle for rights in the United States. It just goes to show you: when push comes to shove, let's all shove Trump down a mountain. 

Compromising Obamacare

Obamacare got health insurance companies to make access to medical care more accessible by promising that healthy people would buy plans to offset the cost of access for the infirm. It was an imperfect system hampered by a Republican party that put up road blocks at every opportunity. And now the Affordable Care Act is almost one of things Trump has undone.

Trump made an executive order that would make it possible for healthy people to buy insurance plans with lower premiums but less benefits, effectively rescinding Obamacare's promise to insurance companies. The result is an unstable insurance marketplace and no alternative for people who need help. 

Also, Trump believes in the dumb person's version of eugenics wherein he is a pure bred horse and so are his kids, and so long as they procreate with other pure bred horses like the Kushners, the Trump name will never be tainted. Euch, even glue made from Trump's horse bones would betray you. 


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, known as DACA, is an Obama era executive order that allowed citizens who were brought into America illegally as children to remain in the country that had become their home. Trump began by rescinding Obama's order. This was followed up by telling congress that they'd have to pass an immigration bill. And when he was finally asked about how he felt about jeopardizing the wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people,  Trump issued a hearty, "¯\_(ツ)_/¯." 

Relationship with Russia

The Obama administration began with an attempt to reset the relationship with Russia. Eventually things took a less congenial turn. Putin accused Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of encouraging protestors; and later America would pass the Magnitsky Act, which was meant to impose sanctions on Russian officials connected to the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian lawyer who had discovered widespread corruption.

America's tough stance toward Russia is one of the things Trump has undone. He's praised Putin, has signaled that America's interest is best served by aligning with Russia's interests, and has yet to enforce a new slew of sanctions meant to discourage Russia from engaging in future election meddling. 

Considering that Trump is the subject of an ongoing investigation into whether or not his campaign colluded with Russia and that he's cheated at almost everything he's ever been involved in—whether it be marriages or games of golf– it's no surprise that Trump's happy to take it easy on Putin.

Also, Putin is such a cool guy, riding around all shirtless on horseback like he does. Maybe he and Trump can be spies together. Pew-pew!

Private Prisons

America's prison industrial complex is modern day slavery. Young men of color are disproportionately incarcerated while private prison profits soar. The Obama administration began phasing out private prisons in 2016, but under the Trump administration that phase out is one of the things Trump has undone. Private prisons have made a full recovery. Just when it looks like America's getting out of something bad Trump pulls us back in. He truly is the worst of us! 

Keeping Military Surplus Out of the Hands of Police

"Whoop-whoop," it's the sound of the da police, and they have grenade launchers and desert ready humvees! When Ferguson, Missouri erupted in riots in 2015, many Americans were startled to discover that the cops were equipped with military grade materials. That's because the US military was selling surplus gear to police departments nationwide.

Obama put a stop to that with an executive order the same year, but in 2017 Obama's order become one of the things Trump has undone because, why not? Trump is literally trying to undo everything that Obama did so why would he not keep military grade weapons out of the hands of the police? Yes, the military industrial complex is an albatross that hangs around the neck of America, but who cares so long as Trump gets to stick it to O'bummer.

"Lock her up! Lock her up!" Ha ha! That's a good one too. Seriously, though: but her emails.

Okaying Arctic Drilling

One of the few things that Trump actually knows is that polar bears don't have white fur; their fur is actually transparent. Trump took this betrayal of whiteness so personally that Obama's 2016 executive order banning oil drilling in the Arctic is now one of the things Trump has undone. If there's one thing that Trump pledges allegiance to it's the 14 words: we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white bears. 

Less National Parks

At this point, you can probably already guess that this entry is going to be about one of the things Trump has undone. But what will it be?! More drilling? More guns? Guns that are drills and when they drill bees shoot out of them?! How about drilling some of the national parks that the Obama administration deemed to be protected against oil exploration?! Nice. You know what's another place that the Obama administration didn't want to drill? The Oval Office where the president sits. Why don't they set up a drill there?

Overturning Net Neutrality

A belief in Net Neutrality is a belief in treating all internet access equally. Net Neutrality was championed by the Obama administration and became one of the things Trump has undone thanks to FCC appointees made by Trump. The result is that internet service providers may now discriminate their services as they see fit. 

This is a dangerous situation for many reasons, chief among them that it can be used to censor websites critical of both internet service providers and the Trump administration. And if being critical of Trump on the internet is going to get you in trouble it's going to get everyone in trouble—including Trump from years ago.  That dude's Tweets only make modern day Trump look bad!

No White House Pets

One of the things Trump has undone that reveals the most about his true self is that he's the first president to not have a pet in the White House in 168 years. Coincidentally, that's also the last time Trump's views were socially acceptable. Boom! Mic drop. Goodnight.  

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