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What Is May’s Next Move?

You start to begin to wonder if anyone is going to shut down Theresa May.

Created by Lizzy Arrow

There are many things that May has been trying to do since the general election or, as she puts it, snap election. To be honest, May has made so many mistakes, so many u-turns, trying to preach the Good Friday Agreement with Northern Ireland, even though the agreement with them is still not looking good. However, she's asking Liberals (Liberal Democrats) for help to prop her up, along with asking David Cameron to back her on things. This goes to show how much she is desperate to do to stay in power and for the money.

I am glad of the fox hunting u-turn because otherwise if they did bring back fox hunting, they would want to bring back everything else that is being protected, and then what time period are they trying to go back to?

I personally think delaying the Queen's speech was pretty much stupid and wasting everyone's time. You knew it was going to backfire one way or another; I take my hat off to the Queen making a statement with her outfit for the day, to say to Theresa May that it's better to stay in the EU. Yes the Queen is getting on a bit but she hasn't lost her marbles; she knows every detail when it comes to each prime minister who has served her and her country. She knows what she is up against. On that day everyone realised what really is going on; as the Queen read out the speech, all of the hard work that poor May had put in went out the window.

It has been made it clear what is going on, what May’s game plan is, and that they are now trying to block her every move. Even the majority of her cabinet is trying to block her every move.

Neither May nor Corbyn are good at their rules; either one of them will bankrupt the whole of the UK in one go. How about cut all of their pay, take all of their luxuries away, and everything else that they may have as I am certain that's where all our money is going: to them so that they can lavish in all the good things in life whilst we have to work our arses off to get what we want. Cuts need to be in their areas, not the areas that we need the most.

Theresa May came out fighting for austerity. Which means that after sacking George Osborne in 2016, she has stuck with his austerity script, which has prompted Corbyn to grow confidence since the election that landed a series of rhetorical blows. “The Prime Minster found £1bn to keep her own job” he had noted of the DUP deal. Quotes and more information are found on NewsStatesman for the full article.

Another theory is that May is frightened out of her own skin; this is because she doesn't want to call for another election, due to the fact that she knows that Labour will win. That's why she's calling on everyone to back her up in a way that means she can't loose her job. To be quite frankly the longest and oldest standing MP is quite right if you ask me; she is frightened of losing her job and the power that she has. I'd rather she wasn't in power anymore, but then again, I don't want Corbyn in either.

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What Is May’s Next Move?
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