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The Yellow Vests

Why the Yellow Vest Movement in Europe Is Important

Over the course of the last few days, a movement has sprung up in Paris, France. After the French president, President Macron, introduced the first carbon tax to the world, the people recognized it for its tyranny and revolted. This movement is known as "The Yellow Vest Movement."

For those who don't know, the carbon tax was a decision made by the UN (Called "The Paris Accord") to put additional taxes on all fossil fuels worldwide in order to push for a future of forced green energy. Green energy that many people simply cannot afford.

France is just the first country they are trying to introduce this tax in, raising the cost of gas by 25 US cents per liter, (Four Euro cents) or a full dollar per gallon. This, along with many other taxes forced on the French people, has caused so much economic hardship that most people can no longer afford to simply drive to work.

Some of their most extreme means of protest (from what I've seen) include cementing the palace gates shut, shutting down toll booths so people can drive through freely, and baking swords into loaves of bread to gear up. However, more common means of protest are burning cars that they can no longer afford and tearing down barricades.

Since the movement’s birth in Paris, the Yellow Vest movement has spread out to many other countries. These countries include Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, and even Germany. These citizens have all joined in to revolt against not only these taxes but the EU, UN, government overreach, and globalism in general. Signs have shown the people wanting to bring a downfall to their entire form of government and replace it with a better one.

These yellow vests are a final stand taken from the people to stop the globalist government from turning the people back into peasants once again, forced to serve an elite class. The violence may be a bit extreme, but since Macron was elected such a thing was ramping up to happen.

Videos have shown the French police beating people mercilessly with batons in the street simply for being nearby, and even chasing a vest-less journalist down the street for videotaping. Since then, both the police and the firefighters have aligned themselves with the yellow vests.

Due to the police and firefighter's new alignment, the French government was planning to send 85,000 troops to the protesters all armed with rubber bullets, tear gas cannons, and other weaponry. They later changed this to 65,000 troops.

For anyone interested, these protests are mainly led on Facebook and a few other social media apps. No leader has been appointed yet, and we don’t know if one ever will be, but without one they will still manage to assemble successfully.

People from all around the French countryside are coming and setting up camps in Paris for the protests. Many of these people are prepared to stay all the way through Christmas and New Years. Today (12/7/2018), the Yellow Vests are expected to gear up and reassemble. As a guide, our midnight is their 7 AM so be sure to pay attention to the news when you wake up. I’ll be paying attention throughout it all.

Schools have been shut down, and the Eiffel Tower itself is scheduled to be shut down tomorrow in France for the purpose of safety. Many other tourist locations and restaurants will be shutting down this weekend due to the protests. Yellow Vests, I wish you luck in reclaiming your freedom. Be careful, and please, remember what your fighting for.

As they spread, the message will change as different nations have different examples. For example, Germany’s immigration crisis raises serious concerns for them as well as many other countries in the EU and worldwide. It’s important for people to know that while the Yellow Vest protests started out as a rebellion against taxation, its turned into a people's revolt against the government undermining what's best for their citizens. The people are finally standing up for themselves.