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The Racist Attorney

Quit It

This lawyer who shall remain nameless has a history of racist ranting. Oh, not the person you are? When you have a history of being documented on video ranting about illegals, about Jewish people. You make me sick. Really, get over yourself. Learn to accept people. Learn to mix with people since you are an arrogant White person. You deserve having your law license suspended indefinitely. You have the company that operates the business center where your law office is canceling their contract with you. The space wasn’t full-time, but the company provided mail and phone services for you.

Now look, you’ve gone and messed that up. How would you react to me? I have brown skin, I speak Spanish, and I’m not as White as half of my family. Why take Spanish speaking personally? Do you feel emboldened by having a White supremacist in power? Are you a White supremacist? I’m just another Spanish speaker to you as I’m also half South American but get the point: I’m a U.S. citizen and I have dual. Being caught as a racist means you feel some shame. Shame is a good thing for you since it will prevent you from acting out again.

Getting angry at people for being minorities, for looking a certain way, this just emboldens the fascist agenda. Oh yes, you can tell somebody’s race just by looking because you must be a good cold reader. I want to study law myself but only to do good in the world. All you care about is making money. Lawyers are usually more ethical than this. I’m already a good person, I’m already ethical. I used to have a problem with racist rants back when I was on the wrong medication and a caffeine addict. Eventually, I cut caffeine out of my diet in 2010. It was hard getting off of it because of withdrawals.

You see, I went on racist rants about ignorant people. Nothing pisses me off more than sexist behavior from any one racial group. I try not to let it bother me these days since I have love for all people except ignorant people or racists in general. What I don’t like is people being marginalized, because some people will forever be ignorant. So if I hear that somebody isn’t being treated fairly, I intervene. Or at the very least, I maintain a snarly look on the light rail.

Apologizing for your racism is not good enough because you hurt people. You have a history of hurting people. This is something I don’t walk around doing. I try to do good when I can. I try to help people around me. But no, you don’t want to do that. I too speak Spanish; are you going to get angry with me for that? Hating somebody for stuff they can’t help is ridiculous. It is not only ridiculous, it is wrong. How can you just hate people for no good reason from Jewish people to Hispanic people and maybe even Black people? Threatening to call ICE?

I’m just a woman in California, writing about this because it bothers me. The fact that you like going on racist tirades, but you don’t even know that people are very mixed in the end. I’m mixed, and I have at least 1 percent native and 1 percent Jewish ancestry according to race testing. You have to pick and choose which part of my ancestry you decide to hate since I’m not only half-Spanish and half-Chilean, I’m also of French ancestry from long ago. I need to find my family’s genealogy records to see certain things. I do not always look like a Spanish speaker to some. My actual ethnic background is Middle Eastern. But then again I’m very mixed race. You have trouble pinning me down. Stop giving people issues because they are foreign or worse. I plan on studying law myself, I just don’t know where yet. You are doing this ranting business for attention. That is ridiculous.  

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The Racist Attorney
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