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The Neo-Nazi Propaganda Machine

Trump is coming raving his own rise to a dictatorship. #twitler

Original Art by Drew Bradford

We are allowing too much freedom of pushing his boundaries to this president.

Point blank. Between his executive orders and the most important thing to me to express in this article, his Neo-Nazi Propaganda Machine. Little Twitler has become a lying and verbally demeaning sensation as well as one of the best jokes on the internet.

A president tweeting about television shows in negative ways and mistreating the media, citizens, war heroes, civil rights leaders, women, actors/actresses, and other political figures is detrimental to the meaning of the presidency. It makes you look like a grump old bastard voicing your opinion over social media because no one really cares about it otherwise. You are embarrassing our country Donald J. Trump.

It would be a little better if your claims and assaults were based on facts and not some made up "alternative facts" in your head. You can't make up what is fact. The presidency does not make you God. It does not give you the ability to assault people verbally, even if that's your normal style of life. That must end here. You must respect us as Americans and shut down your personal twitter. We willingly employ a social media team for you for a reason. So we do not look like you currently do. Please, at least if your going to work against all of us that support everything in your opposition all four years of this dark time, at least do it with grace and dignity. Please respect the office your sitting in because every man before you was one of the greatest Americans of their time that worked so hard to create a better America for EVERY person. To build on what we have, and not to tear down protections for some.

Please remember this and maybe it will create you a better mindset as you destroy everything we believe in with your pen and twitter account on a late night with Steve Bannon, talking locker room talk about Ivanka.

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Drew Bradford
Drew Bradford

Artist, Activist, Writer, Director, and Actor are just a few ways to describe me. Equality for all and working for a better future with a voice for everyone. 420 Advocate. Follow me on Instagram or Twitter for the latest updates. @drewx_o

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The Neo-Nazi Propaganda Machine
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