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The Kavanaugh Case

My Thoughts on the Kavanaugh Case and What I Believe We Should Be Doing About It

My family and about 90 percent of the people I surround myself with have been following the Kavanaugh case religiously, from completely opposite ends of the spectrum, I might add. Even if they weren't, it's been constantly in the papers, on the news, on Facebook, on Twitter; it's basically impossible to avoid if you live in the modern world. I'm not trying to avoid seeing it. I believe it should be seen and talked about. But no matter where the truth lies in this case, it's scary as fuck. The scary part about this case and cases like this is that there's no way to prove what actually happened 30 years ago. There's his story and there's her story and somewhere in between is the truth. Another scary part is that it's very possible that they both believe they are telling the truth. The scariest part, though, is how this is affecting our society at the moment. The protests I've seen aren't the worst I've ever seen. However, they seem to be on a level of harassment towards the senators on the case. I have been asked many times what my thoughts on the Kavanaugh case are. To some, I have answered this question the best I can without starting an argument. Now I have some thoughts. 

The FBI has done their background check on Kavanaugh and found nothing to corroborate Ford's story. Ford was proven to have lied under oath about coaching people on how to take a polygraph test. According to an ex-boyfriend, she coached one of her best friends on how to take a polygraph test, what to expect, and how to not be nervous during it. Her story about having to add an extra door because she didn't feel safe also backfired when they proved that she added it because there was a business being run out of her house and they added the door so people had an extra entry. I am in no way saying that Ford was not attacked or is not a survivor. I'm simply saying that as a survivor (yes, #metoo), it irritates me that someone who is trying to bring to light such an appalling story would lie while on the stand for it. 

I've heard many people say that they are standing with Ford because they have daughters and want their daughters to feel they can come forward. I agree with that statement. I want my daughter to feel like she can come forward. I sincerely pray that nothing of this nature ever happens to our daughters, but if the case should arise, I would hope they are brave enough to seek help, to tell their story, to seek justice. Right now, though, I am disgusted. We shouldn't have to question the motives of a woman who comes forward with a story like this and it's a shame that we do have to. It's frightening that my daughter might be afraid to voice what happened to her for fear that people wouldn't believe her. However, I'm not mad at Kavanaugh. We didn't prove he did anything. I'm not saying he's innocent. I'm not qualified to find those conclusions. But in this case, I'm mad that Ford lied on the stand. I'm not mad she came forward. I'm not upset that she's trying to share what I'm assuming she believes is the truth. I'm beyond pissed that she lied under oath. She had the power to show the world that appearances aren't everything. That sometimes the people we trust the most are those who commit the most heinous acts. Instead, it is known that she lied under oath. 

I dream of a world where I won't be afraid of my daughter going off to college, where nearly 60 percent of rapes occur. I pray every day that people start reporting more. Only about 34.8 percent of sexual assaults get reported according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. I hope everyone finds the confidence to come forward, past or recent. I pray with all my heart that all accusations are taken seriously and that no one would lie about something like that. I know the statistics will never be perfect, but we can start to try, by eliminating from our list of people, people like Ford.

I would like to reiterate that I am in no way saying Ford isn't a survivor or that Kavanaugh is innocent of everything he was accused of. I think many of the American people have forgotten that innocent until proven guilty thing we're all so fond of. I'm not on the jury and as much as I love the people that follow my articles, I don't think I make enough of an impression to actually influence anyone actually in political power. I also don't know a great deal about politics. My knowledge is limited; though I like to believe that I know more than the common American, I probably don't. However, this article is about my thoughts on the Kavanaugh case, for which I have done my research. I'm not a fan of Ford at this point in time and I think I have made that clear. I respect what she was trying to do but I'm ashamed at the way she tried to do it. But as a survivor, I also understand how scary it would be to have someone who was accused of such a terrible crime to be in a position of power. If he is found innocent, I still don't know that he should be elected into office. Isn't the whole point of people having the right to vote that we are able to stop scary people from gaining office? Not saying he's scary or committed any crime, but the fact that it was brought up is scary. The fact that it is even a possibility is scary and should be taken into account when thinking about who we want sitting on the Supreme Court.

These are my thoughts on the Kavanaugh case. You can call me every name in the book and if you do then you probably know less than I do. Why resort to name calling if you know more than me? Don't mock me; teach me. Thank you for reading. I hope you see my point while understanding my arguments. I know many of you will disagree with what I've written about both sides and that's okay. Feel free to share your thoughts. I love to hear opposing viewpoints (as long as they're not just name-calling, again, aim to teach, not mock). I'm praying that our elected officials make the right decision, whatever it may be. Don't forget to vote!  

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The Kavanaugh Case
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