Reviews of the politicians kissing babies and running governments around the world; applaud and criticize the decisions they make and their implications.

Hafeezat Bishi18 days ago
Ilhan Omar: A New Target in Congress
Muslims have come under fire more than ever before under the recent presidential administration. Hate crimes have increased significantly, and visible Muslim women are more prone to attacks. As of 201...
Triston Jackson2 months ago
Protect Our 'Vote'
For the past decade, the Democratic Party has done what is in the best interest of the middle class, the impoverished, and LGBTQ community. As the middle class is becoming more race plural, the minori...
Triston Jackson2 months ago
'Build the Wall and Crime Will Fall'
The government shutdown for 34 days is costing 800,000 workers to work without pay. According to out of touch politicians this was just a bi-product and necessary turmoil to solve a national “crisis.”...
Will Jackson3 months ago
42 Things That Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth Dies
The queen is the most famous woman on planet Earth and when she dies the whole world will mourn the passing of a monarch who has been on the throne for more than 60 years, but what will happen when she dies. Today, Vidello Productions is taking a look at 42 things that will happen when the queen dies.
Patrick Hollis3 months ago
Brazil's New Leader: Why the World Should Be Concerned
New Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was officially sworn into office on New Year’s Day, confirming that he is determined to rid Brazil of corruption and promised to create a unified society. His ra...
David Wyld3 months ago
What Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Melania Trump Have in Common?
There can be no doubt that politics—for good and for bad—has come to the fore of American life in the Age of Trump. Whether online or in-person, with strangers or with family and friends, politics see...
Who Led the Blue Wave?
Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. – Nancy Pearcey
Shandi Pace4 months ago
1968: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy
Robert Francis Kennedy was a family man and an open-minded politician who strived for change within the United States. Shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after winning the Californian preside...
WatchMojo 4 months ago
Top 5 Surprisingly Badass Facts About George H.W. Bush
Many know him as the famous father of a more recent POTUS, while others only remember him from that time he moved across the street from The Simpsons. Either way, we’re here to set the record straight...
H. T. 4 months ago
Is It the End for Emmanuel Macron?
Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron, forty-year-old man born in Amiens, France was elected to French office in 2017, after serving as both Minister of the Economy and Minister of Industry and Digital...
John Heckenlively4 months ago
Ryan Wasted $73 Million on Midterms
Now that all the dust has settled, and every race determined, it turns out the grand total of all the money the Congressional Leadership Fund wasted on attack ads was $73,177,712. That doesn’t include...
Michael Blair4 months ago
Nothing Is Black and White with the SNP
First there was the visit to Poland, and the day trip to Auschwitz. One of the most important historic sites in the world. A place where unspeakable horrors were carried out. Not exactly the place for...
Patrick Hollis4 months ago
First Glimpse of Brexit Deal Could Be Nail in Theresa's Coffin
There was a significant breakthrough was made in the UK’s Brexit divorce deal on Wednesday with the news that a draft of the agreement has been completed. The 500 page document was presented to Theres...
Adam J4 months ago
Hillary 2020? I'd Rather Not
Earlier this week, it was reported by two of Hillary Clinton's former campaign advisors that a 2020 run would be likely. While there has been no official statement from Clinton, she has not denied the...
Arthur Lynn4 months ago
Chrysalis in Cabinet
Brexit has been described as a tumultuous time in British Politics. This is mainly because the mainstream press has decided against using a more accurate set of four-letter words to describe the situa...
Rep. Pelosi, the House Is on Fire and You're Talking About Dinner?
Sorry Rep. Pelosi, but you did not win the House. The DCCC didn’t win the House. The Resistance won the House. The Resistance made up of rational Republicans, Independents, Progressives, Liberals, and...
David Harewood5 months ago
To Senator Rob Portman: An Open Letter
Tuesday, October 30, 2018 Dear Senator Portman, Thank you for your email with regards to the message I left with your office on October 29. While I’m heartened by your concern over the deaths of the 1...
Nasser Najjar5 months ago
Saudi Arabia Can’t Handle More Kisses from Prince Charming
For decades, Saudi Arabia has been globally acknowledged for its political weight and strong influence over the Middle East—due to its rich oil resources and for hosting the two holiest sites of the I...