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Peter Rose4 days ago
Variations in Ways Politicians Think
Variation in thought processes of politicians. There seems to be an almost infinite number of variations in human appearance, but how about the differences in ways of thinking? Do socialists, as diffe...
Dr. Williams8 days ago
'These Are the Times that try Men's Souls'
"These are the times that try men's souls." Remember that quote? Some 250 years later we are again facing times that try men's souls. From wave after wave of violent carnage that shows no signs of aba...
Peter Rose11 days ago
Bureaucratic Thinking Must Go!
Bureaucratic thinking must go! Which style of thinking governs us all? In most decision-making processes, there are two ways of thinking about the problem: “Bureaucratic” and “Entrepreneurial.” Due to...
Ellen Howell17 days ago
Nationalism or Patriotism?
During many conversations on the United States and its problems, I hear the phrase "I'm not a nationalist, but I am a patriot." This phrase has inspired me to write on whether there is any appreciable...
Erika Farrah18 days ago
Guns in America
After the latest massacre here in America, I feel it is time for yet another piece on my feelings. Yes, this time it was not in a synagogue, like my first article about this controversial topic, but I...
Steve Llano19 days ago
Banning 8chan Won't Work
The Bad Metaphor of Shutting down the Press
Jason A20 days ago
Finding the Root of Mass Shootings and Violence
As sad as it is, the reality is that on any given day anymore, we can wake up to hear about yet another mass shooting somewhere in the United States. While everyone of sound mind and any level of dece...
Bradley Perry20 days ago
The Gun Control Lie
There were two horrific shootings within 19 hours of each other this weekend. This is a tragedy and no one should have to endure this in their lifetimes. The fact that the media and the left are tryin...
Peter Rose21 days ago
Reforming British Police Organization
A few things most will agree with; Britain is a relatively small geographic area. Britain has a relativity large population. The population of Britain is largely concentrated in specific high density ...
Gayla Ber21 days ago
Does Skin Colour Factor in to Media Coverage of Mass Shootings?
There were two mass shootings in the United States this past weekend. Each on opposite ends of the country. On Saturday, there was a shooting in the Brownsville area of Brooklyn during an event called...
Ellowen Ophelia22 days ago
Top Three Avoidable Deaths *Must Read*
There are many dangerous things that creep along every crevice of this world. I think we are all fully aware that the world as we know it is slowly falling apart. It's a huge regression that people lo...
Peter Rose24 days ago
Have the Far Left Taken Over Green Movement?
Have extreme socialists taken over the “green” agenda? It is a historical norm for genuine public concerns and popular causes, to be taken over by political activists and usually by extremes of politi...
Anita Powella month ago
My Opinion-Your Take
Blog News: My Opinion, Your Take (7/29/19) This is the first news blog that I am doing. I hope you will enjoy it and engage in the conversation. My Opinion Today: Another shooting... When I go out now...
Cronan Parrya month ago
HS3: Leeds to Manchester
Currently, we can get between the two cities in under an hour. In the future we'll have spent billions on improvements to transport for a dying planet.
Peter Rosea month ago
Redistribution of Wealth
Redistribution of wealth. A myth or a worthwhile aim? How Britain leaving the EU could benefit the poor (if no socialist government). Socialist activists and politicians are fond of saying they wish t...
Bradford Chasea month ago
This Is a Dangerous Reason Racism Will Lose Its Impact on America
It’s frightening when fables we heard as children become lessons we do not learn as adults. We’re watching this unfold around us in present time. Do you remember the childhood story of the boy who cri...
Katie Andertona month ago
The Theft of Working-Class Culture
I would like to start this by stating that I know privilege comes in many forms. Where you’re born, your gender, race, sexual orientation—they all, unfortunately, affect the quality of our life. Howev...
Bradford Chasea month ago
This Is What Happens When Educated People Close Their Minds to Diversity
Do you believe it’s possible to encourage diversity while keeping an open mind in the process? Embracing diversity is important. No man or women wanders through this life in a vacuum. We depend on oth...