Past politicians, legislation and political movements have changed the course of history in ways both big and small. Welcome to our blast to the past.

Lynne Shumaker2 years ago
Infamous Bill Clinton Scandals
Bill Clinton is by all accounts something of a political Houdini; it seems the politician, philanthropist, and almost first First Gentleman has more or less managed to escape punishment over the decad...
Glenn Bushinski2 years ago
Mysterious Political Decoy Cases
We have all seen that person on the street that strikes an eerie resemblance to someone we know. Wondrous appearance similarities have dazzled many minds throughout time, and the phenomenon has even c...
Frank White2 years ago
Donald Trump's Childhood
Even Donald Trump was once a child. The fact that he still behaves like one doesn’t mean he still is one. To understand the man, it is best to start at the beginning. A young, impressionable Trump was...
Arthur M.2 years ago
The Disabled Hero
While the veterans of World War II were greeted as heroes, instead of parades, the veterans of the Vietnam War were welcomed by the American public in a very different way. Many veterans were mistreat...
Parag Patel2 years ago
Greatest US Presidents of All Time
Every election season, the US must reflect on what it actually takes for a candidate to become president, and a good one at that. After all, history has shown that when the greatest US presidents firs...
Patricia Sarkar2 years ago
Best Political Documentaries to Watch
In teaching us about their chosen subjects, documentaries prompt us to look within and draw conclusions about ourselves. With stories spanning from Los Angeles, California to Chengdu, China, these pol...
George Gott2 years ago
Top 15 LGBTQ Politicians
Around the world, LGBTQ politicians have been coming into office and, in doing so, shaping the policies of their countries. While in the past, many LGBTQ politicians would have to hide their sexuality...
Banji Ganchrow2 years ago
Best Presidential Books
Throughout history, there have been some fascinating people in the Oval Office. For some, the interesting parts of their journeys took place well before they were elected President; for others, life a...