Putting an artistic, musical or otherwise creative spin on the heavy-hitters and hot-button issues of the political world.

The Musical King
Frederick the Great is well-known in European history as one of the pioneers of Enlightened Absolutism, but what many of us may not have learned in history class is that he was a gifted flautist and c...
Randi Abela month ago
"Fucking libtard snowflakes." "Fucking entitled Millennials." "Pathetic, butthurt, overly offended and overly sensitive weaklings fucking 'triggered' by everything." *** Starbucks cups. Not eating Chi...
What Do We Do When the Music Stops?
Keep things light. Don’t dance faster than the music. How could things get bad? How could we ever allow ourselves to get to that point? There may be a select few fleeting moments in which we feel such...
Johnny Vedmorea year ago
'Impeach the President' - MsM Madness, American Civil War II, and Syrian Hamsters - Behind the Song
On the face of it, my newest musical release would seem like an obvious two stiffened middle fingers aimed directly at the President of the United States of America, but nothing is ever quite that sim...
Kristen Fa year ago
Jean-Michel Basquiat and Neo-Expressionism: A Critique of the New York City Police Department
It was a mild summer night on September 15, 1983 when popular graffiti artist, Michael Stewart, was headed home and was confronted by a group of police officers after tagging a wall. New York City had...
Tom Bacon2 years ago
Miles Morales Trumps Captain America, Killing The Avenger In A Politically Symbolic Gesture From Marvel
The dust has barely settled yet after "Civil War II" but we're already diving deep into the set-up for Marvel's next event - "Secret Empire". As readers of Civil War II: The Oath will know, there's on...
A. Walter Cox2 years ago
17 Amazing Examples of Street Art Trolling Kim Jong Un
The insanity that is DPRK has caused a wave of Kim Jong Un street art to be made — and all of it is lampooning the dictator.
Cato Conroy2 years ago
Can Art Save The World?
Right now, it feels like the world is on the brink of a global nuclear war. Korea has been flexing its military prowess. China has been slowly trying to move into certain sections of the South Seas. A...
Edward Anderson2 years ago
Golden Sexism
When it's late at night, there's nothing better than cuddling up with your favorite sexy, senior ladies. Who are also known as The Golden Girls. As they fight, date, and eat cheesecake, you can imagin...
Kevin Bailey2 years ago
The Magnificent Seven or Magnificent Minorities?
Growing up in the seventies and eighties, I remember movies always typically had a majority white cast of characters with maybe one or two minorities and typically the hero of the film. It was typical...
Bob Guccione2 years ago
The Battle for Freedom of Speech
When the body politic, or some indeterminate federal force, or a committee of 'representatives' takes upon itself the power to control human attitudes or legislate human emotions then you and we and t...
A. Walter Cox2 years ago
23 Donald Trump Illustrations that Sum Up America's Feelings Perfectly
Humanity has always had a history of expressing social, political, and personal views using artwork. In Ancient Greece, the artwork extolling political figures took the form of statues and paintings o...
Glenn Bushinski2 years ago
History of Political Cartoons
Political cartoons have surged in popularity. With more people talking about politics, and with the nation so deeply divided, it becomes apparent that everyone wants validation for their political opi...