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Pulling Rank: Best Strategies for Preventing Gun Tragedies in America Listed From Pick up a Tablet to Lift up the Nation

The issue of gun control has been a hot-button issue for decades. What are the solutions to this issue?

The site of the shooting

When shots rang out during a video game conference, the jovial, buoyant atmosphere turned to dread. Yet another shooting had rocked a sector of the United States. The Jacksonville, Florida NFL Madden Championship Series gaming tournament became the scene of carnage. Police sirens blared and officers patrolled the premises as medical professionals carted off the wounded and the dead. What stands as stark is the fact that more and more quotes from people at the scene reverberate about more gun control, mental health for the future perpetrators (the tourney killer took his own life), and the push for politicians to do all of this work.

Nothing could be further from what should happen. Firstly, privatization of schools would prevent such acts of violence. Mentally unstable people don’t have to become killers. The vast majority of those afflicted with psychological issues do not pick up pistols or semi-automatic rifles and gun down individuals. Gun control only exacerbates the situation (see Prohibition of alcohol and the current Prohibition of narcotics). Politicians fare worse.

They can hardly get their own parties to work together much less come together on an issue as serious as this. Not to mention, this is not their job which is to protect individual rights. One of the things that a bureaucrat can do is to dismantle all ties to government school education. These are only starters. So, get your petitions for private school ready for Pulling Rank: Best Strategies for Preventing Gun Tragedies in America from Pick Up A Tablet to Lift Up the Nation

The police weigh in on the occurrence.

4. Privatize the schools

Name shootings that have taken place at private schools in America. There have been shootings on private property like churches, restaurants, movie theaters and the like. But they all stem from the fact that government education warps the mind. Ironically, one of the alleged culprits of shootings, video games, has walked away unscathed this time. The game featured no shooting violence just digitized sportsmen pummeling each other. So it is not the electronic game doing the damage, it’s the schools.

Government run schools promulgate feelings over thought, intuition over examination, and talking down to without building up students. What do children do when such measures are in place? They rebel. Now, it may take only a few months once they get to high school or college or years after they graduate, but a potential gunman (the predominant one behind the trigger still remains a man in these cases) can turn peace into pandemonium by letting off a few rounds.The piss poor learning that they received from the government school system is to blame.

They are lashing out because of the abysmal teaching methods that John Dewey put into place over a century ago. Schoolchildren are raised feeling that they are cogs in the wheel... but that they’re special! They’re raised in these classrooms to emote that they shouldn’t have a selfish sense of themselves... and that they should win a participation prize! This clash of ideals distorts reality and leads some (of course the great majority don’t resort to acts of the initiation of physical force. They just mope through life feeling worthless and entitled at the same time). So when these shootings, or bombings, or vehicular homicides take place, the root of all of this is the educational system. Pragmatism or doing “whatever works” is not working. Not only that, it’s immoral. The proper way to address the problem is through objectivity. This is the only solution to the putrid Dewey practical outline.

Rank: Pick up a tablet

The police should be paid more to deal with these problems.

3. Encourage more guns

The answer to any acts of the start of force is to add more guns to the mix. While this may appear to be an ill-thought out tactic, it would actually bring the number of shootings down to nothing. The years of the Prohibition of alcohol in America stand as one of the bloodiest time periods in the nation’s history, especially for police officers. The “Drug War” that has been fought for nearly 50 years now is a disaster, and shootings and other acts of tumult occur every day in places like Chicago, Illinois. Why? Because something is made illegal or hard to get at a legal age. If guns were made to be legal to buy a gun as early as fourteen across the board, then the number of fatalities would plummet. Well trained underage youngsters would be able to not own a gun but be able to decipher a good guy from a bad guy targets on the range. Grown ups would be able to handle as many weapons as they saw fit and to only use them in times of distress, for sport, or to just let off some steam.

But these people are not the problem. Most of the gun owners in America have never had to employ their firearm in anger. Most Americans who possess a pistol, shotgun, or rifle are responsible, stable individuals. With the knowledge that a private school would offer, the teachings of how to fire properly a weapon would be a boon to the owners of guns. There are no “gun rights.” There are only rights. And they are for the individual. So with a well-equipped, thinking man or woman behind the trigger who has gone through years of private training, the idea of gun ownership for the majority of Americans wouldn’t seem so distant, so dare say... obtuse.

Gun-men and and women would be able to carry a firearm around schools, malls, theaters, churches and other private establishments without hesitation. They would be emboldened to venture through the country unburdened by the oppressive State seeking to “control” guns as if that’s the problem. Guns kill people. Bullets kill people. But people don’t have to kill people. Intelligence can be synonymous with trigger pullers. Instead of the image of the unstable gunman knocking down human targets at random, the day would come when the thoughtful shooter would take precedence over the fears of a wanton lunatic.

Rank: Pick up a gun

It's all in the head.

2. Mental health over a dearth of health

There is a fine line between sanity and someone acting out. If signs turn violent, it is best to address problem ahead of time. If someone is exhibiting signs of a severe psychological disorder, it is important to realize it soon enough and before they become belligerent towards themselves or others. It is not the mental issue that is the problem, it is the person. Borderline personality, bipolar, schizophrenia, and depression all constitute as mental disorders. Yet millions of people around the country are afflicted with these disorders. How many of these millions seek to employ a weapon against their own person or anyone else? The tiniest percentage who may be diagnosed with something listed above would go out and commit atrocities.

The vast majority of the cases who have been diagnosed with these disorders are able to live happy life-loving lives. For those who choose to make their condition an excuse for mowing down people with a gun or using some other device or vehicle to do the worst is abominable. And those who say that mental health officials should do more are not getting the point either. If an individual has a chemical imbalance in their head, that is not their fault. If they then use that chemical imbalance as a way to cover why they shot other people, then that is all of their own fault. It is not the disorder. The stigmatization of these various cases should give one pause.

Of all of the people who have one or more of the collection of disorders, people will still paint the picture that the person might “snap.” It is a real dilemma for the person with a specific disorder. He or she may sense that they have to “pretend” to be sane. They may take all of their prescribed drugs, visit their psychiatrist regularly, and still be attacked because of the actions of an individual with the same condition but who felt that they should spray a sporting event with lead. This ought to stop. There is no good reason to blame the individual for the actions of the one or the many.

Rank: Individualize don’t criticize (subjectively)

Politics should never enter into this dilemma.

1. Get the politicians out of the way

Calls for more “gun control” by citizens to their representatives, senators, governors, and the president ought to be rescinded. The reason for such a cancellation is because bureaucrats already do a horrific job without rearing their heads around and planting their eyes on their next political talking point and action. Yes, they talk a good game but what is worse is that they actually do act on those talks. Most people find that surprising. They think that politicians are full of hot air (and they are) and all they do is yammer and stammer. But the ones that actually get something done are the most odious. They pass things like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, Smoot-Hawley, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, and of course in Massachusetts anyway, the “red flag” gun control bill. Such despicable things done only by government ought to be chastised and nullified.

Politicians are just looking for a vote like a crackhead is looking for the next rock. They could care less about the individual. They’re all for “country” and “families” never the individual. So, when events like a shooting occur, they lick their chops and rub their hands together. They pounce on the opportunity to pontificate, bloviate, and and seek to do actions like pass bills. Such talk and doings mean that someone’s liberties will be trampled upon like bulls stamping over runners in Pamplona. What they feel is right is actually going to violate someone’s rights. To appease and appear sincere behind their sneering faces is their lust for power. They want only to gain a seat in whatever house of influence. They’ll speak and then commit it without regard and with reckless abandon.

When it comes to guns, politicians get the best toke off of the stem. At the moment when a terrible event involving a gun crops up in this country, they’re ready to the most heinous things. They enjoy the fact that families are burdened by the death of their loved one(s). They eat it up, quickly. They mouth that they’re going to do everything in their power to ensure that this event never happens again. And then shell casings descend to the ground at a coffee shop or amusement park or office building. Then, they do the work of signing bills to support all their empty rhetoric.

Well, that rhetoric becomes a full load of evil that says that competent, well-trained and fully capable individuals will be restricted from utilizing their firearms within the confines of the law. The government has enough trials and travails that it ought to be able to fix like getting rid of taxes for all citizens and eliminating about ninety-five percent of the federal government. No, they instead pass imbecilic bills that stop no one from carrying out horrors against innocent people.

What the bureaucrats ought to do with the gun debate is allow private individuals to decide their own fates. That means that the “hands off” approach would be in full effect, then. No more bills, no more photo-ops with grieving families would be permitted at a time like this. Politicians would be tasked with the work of implementing measures that protect all classes of people and make significant change to the politics at large. There would be complete repeals of all the various gun laws that prohibit people from owning and operating a gun who displays no intentions of harming or who has ever harmed anyone. All the politicians would be able to do is continue to roll back all of the legislation against Americans who seek only to use their firearm in self-defense or sport. With the bureaucrats out of the way, free citizens of America would then be able to band together. They would know that with a private education, private mental health, and more guns on the streets, the day would come when all of these barbarities would cease.

Rank: Lift up the nation

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Pulling Rank: Best Strategies for Preventing Gun Tragedies in America Listed From Pick up a Tablet to Lift up the Nation
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