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Netanyahu Has No Time for Fake News from CNN, Al Jazeera!

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows the world what he thinks of fake news

Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went on Facebook to rip CNN, Al Jazeera and the Guardian for publishing Hamas fake propaganda!

Hamas put out a document saying they would be ok with a Palestinian state and not looking to destroy Israel. Netanyahu decided he had to respond to this terrorist organization.

Have you noticed how the political left has become detached from reality, thus they have to concoct garbage in the media that supports their ideology? You would think U. S. media would eventually get it. Americans aren't the only ones - the world is fed up with them!

To think that the NYT and CNN once had credibility. They were the pillar, the benchmark everyone was looking to emuate. Now, they are nothing but a doormat. 

They spin insanity for hateful liberals who forgot what true liberty is. They want to save the world with Globalism and instead oppress us with their strange doctrines.

Netanyahu is RIGHT on TARGET---the Jewish people should be thankful that he is their leader. He speaks the truth and until the Palestinian Govt acknowledges the right for Israel to exist in safety and in security and does so in writing with a US Delegation---don't believe FAKE NEWS.

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Netanyahu Has No Time for Fake News from CNN, Al Jazeera!
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