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Las Vegas Attacks

An Opinion Piece

I wasn’t going to post this, but with the Las Vegas attacks earlier this week, I want to add my thoughts, just as I did with Manchester. I was going to talk about gun control and the Second Amendment of the right to bare arms, but although I have my views on the matter I feel that they are ignorant at a time like this. Arguing about the right to own a gun is not helping the people who were injured or the families who have lost loved ones in this vicious and cowardly terrorist attack.

And that is exactly what this attack is, a terror attack. Just because this was carried out by a white male in his late 60s does not mean he is not a terrorist. Stop using one religion or race to determine what we can call a terrorist attack. The definition of a terrorist is: “A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” And that is exactly what this pig did.

I went into London last week to see some shows and to go shopping and spend some quality time with my partner and his family, and there were very mixed emotions through the group, from calmness to anxiety. I was extremely anxious to go into London given the calamity throughout this year, but the moment I got into the heart of London I calmed down. Of course I saw police and extra security, but most importantly I saw that the city was still striving. People were still sitting outside of cafes, people were still using the public transport and people were smiling, laughing, and loving the city. They have moved on, it is not forgotten, how could it be? But London picked itself up and carried on living.

And that’s a message that is the strongest. That no matter what these people do to us, we will carry on living. I’m in two minds about feeling anxious of big cities and not wanting to go and trying to not live in fear of these sick individuals who think they have a right to take another’s life. I can’t comprehend what the people involved are going through, and I hope that I never have too. But it feels like it is time to make your life matter that little more and to throw yourself into everything. People lost their lives this week for going to a festival but people also lost their lives for walking down the street. Please don’t stop living. 

Reanne Kingdon
Reanne Kingdon


Having just finished university with a Journalism degree I am currently writing about lifestyle, beauty and current affairs. I mainly focus on opinion pieces so that they remain personal to me, I hope you enjoy. 

- Rea

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Las Vegas Attacks
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