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Iranian Immigrant

Advanced communications require congruence.

Lady Liberty is Ole' # 21  She is 42" x 74" oil on canvas 

Obviously, the obviously obvious stories are as boring as heaven. They do not excite the spirit but comfort the ego.

With no purpose for any future engagement, the obviously obvious stories have no magical revelation, thus do not entertain the contemplative composite minds of the new world. Therefore, the obviously obvious stories are essentially blah.

Factual obviously obvious stories contribute to knowledge and wisdom which are obvious to the wise; but obviously, not to the oblivious.

Obviously, the oblivious mindset developed under the influence of art, history, and culture into which I was born and raised in for the first twenty-four years of my visit to the planet did not suit me. I honor my acceptance and admission to this magnificent system which provided me with the freedom to practice my previously oblivious mindset while preparing myself for an advance in the entertainment business at Le cirque de la vie; a multicultural and multidimensional collaboration where I play multiple characters under the spotlight in a republic I call home of my choice, on my own free will, and without any reservations!

Obviously, a ridiculous show under diminishing light, played by the politically correct politicians and clever clerics is the worst circus around. Clowns are abusing the freedom of speech infiltrating the misery of the devastatingly outdated, ultimately worthless, essentially impractical, terminally ill culture, trying to normalize the conditions to suit the oblivious; arrogantly entertaining the shallow minded ignorant. The politically correct and religiously right have always been repeating the same mistakes. Feeling good about being on a pulpit in useless ritualistic productions has been the pattern of progress in uncivilized human societies until such time that the magical performance of the exceptional D.J. Trumped America and the world at large.

I was playing with Lady Liberty observing the unimaginable victory of the one and only exceptional winner of the ultimate prize, achieved in his out of this world politically incorrect and religiously agnostic rhetoric proving to us by example that the American dream is well and alive.

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Iranian Immigrant
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