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I Am a Republican, and I Am Pro Choice

My Thoughts on Some of the Negativity I've Seen Surrounding Planned Parenthood

I identify as a Republican. I know a lot of you are probably shocked by that statement. However, I was raised in a household where it was expected that you be politically aware. The news was watched regularly and debates came up a lot during nighttime conversations. I did my research. I'm an avid reader of the major newspapers and I still enjoy watching the news with my dad. And I am more Republican than Democratic. However, lately, there has been major talk of defunding Planned Parenthood, making abortions illegal, and taking away certain rights to woman. 

May I just start out by saying, this will not be one of my shorter articles. I'll start with why this topic even got brought to my attention. I am on social media, more than I should be, and I came across a post by a woman who said this: "Trump needs to hurry up and follow through on his defunding of PP. Sick of driving by these murderers walking in everyday on my ride to work." Instead of starting an unnecessary argument on a Facebook post with someone I barely talk to, I decided to just unfollow this person's post and reflect on my own feelings on the matter. Personally, I'm more disturbed by the protesters standing outside these clinics everyday. 

First, let's touch on the subject of what Planned Parenthood actually offers since some people seemed to be confused on the matter. Planned Parenthood offers primary care services, which means they do routine check-ups and offer referrals if needed to outside physicians. They offer many types of birth control from the pill, IUD, and emergency contraception. They offer STD testing and screenings. They also do cancer screenings. I personally go every year to checked for breast cancer. They also check for cervical cancer and ovarian cancer. Plus, they offer HPV vaccines which help prevent cervical cancer. On top of all this they also offer transgender hormone therapy and a safe place for the LGBT youth community. And yes, they offer abortions. 

I do not believe that abortion should be used as a form of birth control. If you're having unsafe sex regularly with the thought that you'll just have an abortion if you fall pregnant, I believe you should look into other ways to prevent pregnancy. I do believe however, that if a woman should become pregnant and for whatever reason does not feel she's prepared for a child at this time, she should have the right to choose if she wants an abortion or not. Let me repeat the FOR WHATEVER REASON: Be it she can't afford a child, she's not emotionally ready to be a parent, it will put her health in danger, the child was conceived against her will, or she simply doesn't want children, it should be her decision since her body and her life will be effected. In Roe vs. Wade it was decided that the constitutional right to privacy “is broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.” That was in 1973. We were able to understand that a woman has rights to her own body and owes an explanation to no one in 1973.  If abortion is made illegal, then leaving a woman who is pregnant with your child should also be illegal. If a woman has to have a child that she did not intend to have, then shouldn't the man who helped create that life also be held responsible? 

Personally, I obviously did not have an abortion when I became pregnant with my daughter. But the topic did come up. It was discussed at length. I had my own reasons for not getting an abortion but it was not because I believe abortion is wrong. I will defend a woman's right to get an abortion until the day I die. I am Republican. I go to church. I believe in God. I don't believe that God would send you to hell for getting an abortion. Every woman should have the right to chose. Every woman should feel comfortable enough to walk into a clinic like Planned Parenthood and ask questions. If you read the bible, God didn't turn away women in need, he helped them. Screaming at women seeking help that they are whores and going to hell, doesn't seem that helpful to me. Just a thought. 

It sickens me to see women judging other women for these actions. Unless you have personally sat down with each of these women and asked them about why they have made this decision, do you really have a right to judge? Men judging women for these decisions is moot. If you and a man are in a pregnancy together, then yes, I believe that the man should have some say. But that is between the woman and man who had intercourse and no one else. 

Maybe my views on this subject aren't very Republican. But this is a very personal subject and it hits me very hard. I don't want my daughter to ever think that she has to listen to the opinions of others to make a decision that will solely effect her and whomever she is with. I want her to be able to walk into a clinic and get tested for breast cancer without people shouting at her that she's a whore. I want my daughter to know that no matter what happens, or what decision she makes, I will back her up one hundred percent of the way. Making the decision to become a parent is difficult enough without the involvement of a bunch of people that don't even personally know you or your situation. 

I hope and pray that before another person posts something like the post I read, they think about what they are saying. I'm not saying you must agree with me and my thoughts are the only way to think. I'm saying you should think about what you call people. There's no reason to call people murders for something that might not even be happening. There's no reason to be hateful towards someone for making a decision that does not effect you personally. These are my beliefs. I understand that other's have different beliefs and my goal is not necessarily to change your opinion. Let's be real, one article isn't going to change your opinion and I don't have the time or the patience to sit down with you and try to change your mind. But if my article made you look at how you treat people walking into these clinics and maybe educated you a little more on what else they offer, then I've accomplished more than I could hope. 

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I Am a Republican, and I Am Pro Choice
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