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How to Be an Introverted Activist

Activism needs introverts! You don't need to be yelling your views at people to be a good activist!

Many people believe that they cannot make a difference due to being an introvert, not realizing how much activism needs introverts to get involved. It can be so much easier to listen to an opinion of a loved one rather than a stranger on the street. Activism can be portrayed in our wardrobes, on our dinner plates, in our conversations among friends, it can be as simple as bringing a reusable shopping bag! Here are some different ways you can be an introverted activist and some tips to make your message as effective as possible.

1. Sign Petitions!

You can get your voice heard without starting any conversation at all, there are so many petitions out there nowadays, just find the ones that interest you, sign them, and maybe share them to your social media. You don't have to go to a protest or argue with anyone about it, just join in with the many others who agree with you.

2. Wear Your Cause

Search online for t-shirts, bracelets, buttons, or tote bags that have to do with your cause, if people are interested they will talk to you about it, you don't have to walk up to anyone. I also think choosing less aggressive forms of what you want to say can lead to a better conversation.

For example:




Who seems more approachable? These things are important to think about when you represent your cause.

The great thing about buttons or bracelets is that you can wear them with most things and can represent more than one cause at a time!

3. Lead by example

Sometimes a great way to be an activist is simply just living your life, I know it sounds crazy, but here are some examples;

You are a vegan activist, go to non vegan restaurants with non vegans and show them how easy it is for you to get a delicious meal ANYWHERE.

You are an environmental activist, bring reusable cups, bags, containers, etc. whenever you go out to eat or to a store, bring metal straws, show them how simple changes can make a difference!

A great thing about this approach is that you can show people that what you're doing isn't crazy, and you're a normal and kind person.

4. Contact Representatives

Whatever it is that you're passionate about, there likely are some people known to represent the cause that you could reach out to. Of course this may be an issue if you're trying to contact the world leader of that activist group, but there are often many local ones. For instance, there are local groups where I live that are against abortion or for animal rights. If you care about these things, you could contact them with some articles you find relating or help them get connected with some people that could help them make a difference.

These are some simple ways you can be an effective activist without stepping too far out of your comfort zone, on top of that I have a few tips:

1. Be Approachable.

No one is going to want to listen to you if they think you're really different than them, show them what you have in common and maybe blend in with them a bit. I'm all for expressing individuality but the facts are that people will judge a book by it's cover, so if you look presentable and like a typical person does, they will be more likely to relate to you.

2. Be a positive person.

No one wants to be around negative people, show them how positive you can be, and how your way of living and thinking positively impacts your life.

3. Know your facts.

People with opposing views will challenge your beliefs, which then gives you the opportunity to give the information that you know. Make sure the information you give is credible, or it could blow up in your face.

4. Be consistent.

If you're against racism for example, stick to that belief, no loopholes, it is what it is, and it is wrong. If you're against animal exploitation, don't ride a horse and carriage, consistency is key, as far as possible and practicable. People can and will call you out on hypocrisy, so don't set yourself up for failure.

Vala Rogers
Vala Rogers

I am 19 and a student in the social service work field, I'm vegan and aim to do whatever I can to make the world a better place, please also check out my tumblr blog

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How to Be an Introverted Activist
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