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Digging for Our Moral Compass

A Search Through the Depths of Iniquity for Our Inner Paragon

Earth, Love, Harmony.

With the overpowering flood of existential questions inhabiting the brains of many intelligent humans. Shall we not, to allow progress, simplify everything. 

Let’s exclude reproduction and survival and completely base a theoretical future life solely around love. Whereby the only one singular moral law that is to exist will be to love all. So, to never cause harm unto anything sentient and to base all of one’s actions around the principality of love. 

This will obviously lead to the inhibition of consumption of animals and their products. It should wipe out most criminal acts e.g murder, violence, rape etc… Large conglomerates and corporations will inevitably be disbanded due to the impossibility of a small group of humans being provided with such levels of power and influence. 

Our governmental system will move rapidly towards decentralisation, where every citizen within each community will have equal leverage on the occurrences within the society. This, I presume, will work on a rotating basis, each person will hold governance for a period of time, whilst never exceeding a specified limit to eliminate malfeasance. The secret intelligence service will evidently diminish with the decentralisation of government and the police force will follow suit as they are just protection for the corporate elite. 

Wealth will start to seep back down the hierarchy flattening it out, which will work in a snowball effect. As lower classes receive higher levels of education and experience some influence within the system, laws and changes will start to occur quicker equalling out the financial gap. The racial and sexual differences within pay and general life will slowly fizzle out as people start to live a higher quality of life based around love, not around dissipated living. 

Empowerment will surely follow. Each human within the society will see the positive difference they can create and will strive to do so. 

The nationalisation of the media will only support this. As human vibrations elevate, the events they would like to witness and experience will also increase in love and happiness. The media will not be owned by singular families whose main goal is to entrap the viewers in ignorance and fear to keep them from ever opening up to love and therefore preserving the current status quo. It will be owned by the people, who will naturally televise a much larger scale of positive events whilst also providing an unbiased, non-stigmatised view of the negative happenings. 

When a human bares witness to certain events on a continuous basis their relationships, their morals, their whole life is skewed by the things they see constantly. So, in our western system, we watch extensive amounts of violence, sex, vacuous mind-numbing garbage. Quite plainly, this greatly influences our life. When the majority of what we believe, know and trust is administered by drip feed from malevolent sources, this spawns a cancerous existence. 

Our moral compass becomes buried deep under the surface. Each day we spend hurting other beings, enduring violence, sexual vulgarity and mindless, soul-destroying emptiness; we plummet that compass further into our depraved chasms. So far below, that it almost seems unreachable.

However, as our society levels out. Equality starts to prevail. All these experiences begin slowly flipping, violent TV starts to swap for nature programmes, sexual delinquency is swapped for educational documentaries, the killing of 300 animals every second just in the US will be exchanged for a healthy plant-based lifestyle. 

And so, as we embark on these profound new approaches our soul begins to dig. An excavation programme commences. Layers upon layers of filth and misconduct are unearthed and duly managed. As more of this impurity is decimated the human becomes more stable, more together, happier. The society moves closer towards equity and functionality, utilitarianism starts to conquer egoism. 

This is the natural order of the universe, to move forward, technically in an upward trajectory. Our societies evolution has stagnated since we have allowed ourselves to be controlled. Human evolution is trying to pierce through the veil of oppression. We must elevate ourselves. We must eradicate impure layers, locate our moral compass within our void of existence and fix our planet. If not, humans will be wiped out. 

We are currently living as a virus on Earth. There are only two life spans of a virus: either the host wipes out the virus or the virus wipes out the host, inevitably killing the virus. There is only one outcome if we continue without change. We cannot allow that, we can make the change, we must make the change. An extremely simple solution for such a vital problem. Love.