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Dear Donald

I know you're hurting.

That's the Donald they meant, right?

Bad jokes aside, I want to address the President directly as though he were seeing me as a client trying to deal his deep-seated childhood pain, profound sense of inadequacy, and low self-esteem. Without further ado,

Dear Donald,

I know you've always wanted to feel loved, especially by your father. Having a business relationship with your dad is all well and good, but it is no substitute for fatherly care and deep emotional intimacy. I heard through the grapevine that your dad may have taught you through his actions to disrespect women, including your own mother. For this, I am deeply sorry. I know it has affected your relationships with women throughout the years and has caused you much pain and confusion.

I understand how it feels to never have enough. If a million dollars won't satisfy, how can a billion? When can you finally rest and say "I've made it, I'm happy with what I have become?" That deep sense of lack within your soul, I know it well dear Donald. Money, power, women, attention- all of it going into this insatiable void within. 

 Being in the spotlight can feel so empowering; everyone is always looking at you, for better or for worse. Maybe what you never knew you needed was for someone to really understand you, to feel you, to truly hear you. I hear you Donald, your pain makes sense to me even though I have not experienced what you have. I know how it feels to never feel like you are enough, to always seek the praise of others around you. I know what it feels like to have a wounded, hurt, confused little boy inside screaming for attention, love, and validation.

I know the pain of hiding the real me behind a wall of accomplishments and exaggerations. My parents also taught me how to tell "white lies" and I empathize with the tangled web we begin to weave when we start going down a dishonest path. It is so easy to react by blaming others and holding the world responsible for what we refuse to provide for ourselves: our own unconditional love, honesty, and respect.

Dear Donald, I want to offer those things to you now, and suggest that you begin to give them to yourself as well. America and the world at large cannot give you what you withhold from yourself. Everyone is always talking about you, judging you, wondering what you will do or say next. It sounds so exhausting to keep this up. Perhaps becoming President was not what you truly wanted at all. Maybe you were destined to get what you thought you wanted so you could come face-to-face with what you truly needed. You became President but now have more problems than you can realistically handle. Maybe it's time to consider the value of losing it all to regain your self. 

I know you've always aspired to be the best, to win, and to be in the limelight. Let's be honest and ask if any of that has actually made you happy, besides for brief fleeting moments. If your Tweets are any indicator, you're dealing with a lot of unhappiness right now. You wanted to prove to America and the world that you could do the job like no one else. Maybe it is time to start the real job, healing the pain of the past and getting honest with Donald. How can you make America Great Again if you don't feel great about yourself? How can you provide anything to your country and the world if you're always busy trying to use people to feel better about yourself? This is part of your wake up call Dear Donald; I hope you will heed its message.